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超跑女神 - 周杰倫
Day 3

I think on day 3 we might have ventured to Chinatown?
I bought a random Hello Kitty on a toilet who moves her had up and down reading a newspaper or something. Thought it would be kinda of nice to put at your bathroom
Since it was the 7th month according to lunar calendar many people burn heaven money (don't know how it's called correctly) for the dead.

But generally, Chinatown is pretty boring. I think A. bought a pair of cheap slippers for her father and we found shorts which were so plastic, you could actually fold them so they get a crease like plastic bag HAHA

Maybe it was on this day that we were in this small shop which was kinda u-shaped (but upside down), means items are placed along 3 walls and in the middle of the shop.
I was inside looking at some DVDs I think when another guy entered. I don't know what exactly is the problem with my brain, but as I was standing there, I suddenly found myself trapped between the cashier guy standing at the back (the vertical part of the U) and the entering guy who entered at the same branch of the U I stood at.
The thought that the entering guy might close in on me anytime kinda terrified me. So I panicked and rushed out like mad! But not the long way, because I didn't want to pass the cashier (!!) but I directly ran past the entering guy (which is actually more stupid, since when I was 'afraid' of them, why did I risk body contact?

I didn't mean to be so obvious but once outside, A. burst out laughing and asked, 'What was that?! The entering guy's look on the face read 'Am I that disgusting?!''
Ok so I kind of overreacted... Til now I remember his red tank shirt lah...... I am weird....

We look see look see somemore and nearly lost our hearing looking at 10000s of Ghibli DVDs in a Chinese mall were they blasted away Chinese opera.

During our pool time we saw this really weird cloud in the night sky. It had a shimmering bright yellow 'aura' and we found it very funny to assume it has sth to do with all the dead people supposedly wander around during that time of the year.

We also used to watch a bit of You're Beautiful (never recognized Yonghwa though) and used to say '什么?' ALL the time.
Pool time was not only relaxing but also very entertaining, because there actually was a fat old angmoh who had this (Thai?) hot chick all over him. Most embarrassing sight ever! She even posed like beach vixen for him to snap pics of her! Stupid bitch, got no shame!!!

Day 4

Little India time! I actually just wanted to see Arab St, maybe buy a few beads and stuff, and Haji Ln !!!
LI is really kinda dirty and not very cool, but I bought a cute bag in one of the malls, which everyone who saw it liked!
We got lost after that and went inside this mall where they hv all kind of technical gadgets!!! I forgot it's name!

The thing about A. and me is, we always walk round and round each floor, without noticing that we past the same shop for 3 times already haha. And we did that for 8 floors this time haha!!!

Finally arrive in Haji Ln and I wasn't disappointed! I found some nice stuff, like a cute back and earrings~

I don't remember much about this day, but A. always saw guys w nice hair cut from behind and would exclaim, 'OMG hot boy!', turns out, their face all super ugly!!!

Day 5

Finally Orchard Rd time! Everytime we went Orchard, the weather was really bad!! Normally the weather in Singapore is really ok! Hot, but not so humid! Only after rain, it is unbearable!!

Orchard has many nice malls.
At the first mall something really stupid happened: I stole a tub of Japanese hair wax!!!!
I wanted to buy it for my oppa, and took it with me. We entered via this drug store and left it but were still inside the mall, so I didn't get it at first.
Only several shops later I realized that I must have stolen this tub out of the first store!!! I was terrified, cuz Singaporean law is very strict and they might jail me once for all!!!
First I tried to inconspicuously put it somewhere, but then I thought, 'hey, I stole it out of the relevant store already, so can as well take it home!' So I took it back again and stole it for good haha
Another save money thing happened: the MRT machine returned too much money haha! A. was kinda annoyed saying, today is my lucky day! First the machine give me too much money then I got the wax for free somemore hahaha

We went to Juicy Couture, where I wanted to buy a charm, but I didn't like any, so this time must buy!!!
Instead we splurged at Kinokuniya located inside Takashima!! I bought Japanese fashion magazines, a TVXQ magazine and 2 FT Island ones haha! A. bought some Kim Bum and CN Blue things I think.

After that we had kinda (after)noon tea there. Luckily we had our magazines to entertain us a little, because the service was really slow and A. got really grumpy hahaha.

We also visited a kinda goth store and more, but I can't really recall a lot.

Only that at Far East Plaza we bought some v cheap tee at the basement haha. All had this bold prints that were kinda Korean style back then! At Far East Plaza also was this store called Nana Rêve De La, which sold the cutest fairy key/lolita stuff! I bought an awesome cardigan and super cute tee!
There's another one of their stores somewhere, but I forgot where (at Wisma Atria?)

Really there are so many god damn awesome malls in Singapore, just thinking of them makes me drool!!!

Day 6

I think we spent this way just randomly at shopping malls, among them my favourite one, Plaza Singapura. I don't kow why, but one reason for sure is; they also have a Comics Connection!!! (that's the same as the kpop store from White Sands). I didn't really buy much, but still the shop itself is heaven!!!

Had my first and only Thai food there, and it was some sort of chicken satay thing? (I know that's Malaysian) and I didn't like it at all, because I hate all grilled meat haha.

And yeah so much about Day 5, I don't know why my memory is so bad haha.
But don't you kow this feeling when something is so fun, exciting and marvellous that you can't remember anything? Well that happnend, but the best is yet to come haha

I bought a pair of docks at a fancy store located at a funny Orchard Central.
It was again a super nasty humid day and Orchard Central our rescue!
This mall has ridiculously long escalators! The cool thing while you slowly ascend from the street insdie the mall it gets cooler and cooler and you feel more and more blissful haha

A funny thing happened when I we were shopping there.
I wanted to buy a cool backpack. And there was this store selling a few cool ones, but I was undecided so we left.
For the Doc's store. I was going to try one pair on and asked the staff guy if he had socks. He disappeared behind a curtain and emerged with one single tennis sock. Tbqh I was a bit suspicious about it, but it felt completely unused and non-sweaty hahaha. I tried on one boot and asked for another one, since must try on both feet right? Haha
He disappeared again and came back with another sock haha
Well, I bought a pair at the end and til now A. keeps mocking me about that guy providing me his dirty socks which he just slipped of to give them to me! CANNOT BE OR HIS FEET ARE MADE OUT OF STONE LA hahaha they were really 100% dry haha which I think is impossible in Singapore !^^

Then we returned to the backpack store. I couldn't decide between a white canvas one and a white fake leather one. So A. asked the staff guy, who was apparently very sick.
He act very cool and just pointed (arm outstretched) at the leather one. So I got that haha

In Singapore Mc Donald's has this really cool sundae, which is dipped into chocolate sauce and after that hardens instantaneously! And super cheap... like 1SGD only haha.

Then a very very fateful thing happaned.
Ok so normally we will rot around at the bridge from 10pm to maybe 1am. On this day somehow we were earlier, cuz A. somehow decided to go earlier.
We sat on the bridge and tried to spot ikemen as usually.

So this two guys happen to pass, once was wearing black (black guy/ BG) so rather unobtrusive, but his friend wore this striped thing (guy in striped/ GIS), he had a kinda more 'special hairstyle', back then I think the sort of 'jaejoong'/ very fringy hairstyle was cool. So I was gonna point him out to A., but we were sitting both facing other directions so when I point out a guy to her she will only see his back if he pass her. So I didn't mention him (I think).

After a wile he and his friend came back. And I think this time I said to her, 'hey, this guy not bad right?' I think she agreed.
I think after that those two actually went across the bridge and past us one more time hahaha. And we saw them again.
Well, were hanging around somemore, fooling around. Like, laughing our asses of at the thought of getting one's initials tattooed on one's butt (?)

THEN, then suddenly when we were just minding our business, those two guy came approaching us and GIS asked my friend,
GIS: Hello, my name is XCVSD, can we be friends?
A: WHAT?!?!
Me *shocked and couldn't believe she gave such an indignant sounding reply*
BG *burst out laughing*
GIS: *trembling* stutters H-hh-hello, my name is YXYCC, c-can we be friends?
Me: A!!!! (meaning, I dare you to turn him down!!!!!)
A: OKAY!!!!

And this is how it all started part 1 hahaha

Well we started to talk a bit, and they asked us where we were from. I immediately explained we were not from here to keep his hopes low (cuz it wouldn't work out, sry).
They said we look like locals or from China and asked us in return were we think they are from. Of course they were from China!! hahaha For me there is no Singaporean, everyone is Chinese or Malay or Indian haha
GIS was a bit dissapointed I think, because in fact they were not born in SGP but moved there from China haha

Well out convo was coming to an end and both already left when I felt sorry and called them back buy kinda yelling, 'btw how old are you two?'
They were 19? I explained that a few days ago we were wondering if Asians look older or younger than their age. Well in this case I must say they look older haha

They then told us they thought we might be 20+, like 23 or so?! FML, I didn't feel insulted back then, but I really wondered why a guy would approach a noona hahaha
But it was a good thing I called them back because GIS now asked for my friends e-mail for MSN (yes the good ol' MSN days haha)

After that they left and we were SUPER hyped. A group of people observed what happened and they were looking really joyful at us freaking out cuz a guy approached A. hahahaha
On this night we stayed a bit longer at the bridge to discuss things hahahaha
Well the adventure had just started!!!

Day 7

I don't know what we did on this day, but it might actually be Orchard day again. Which means that Day 6 or Day 5 can't be really right....

As for breakfast, because of our (or better A's) sleepiness, we didn't catch breakfast everyday. I get the kind of jet lag where you don't sleep at all, and are never tired! Whereas A. sleep all the time hahaha
Also the staff was very amazed by the fact that we were only two girls staying together alone haha They had us registered under Mr and Mrs, and at first didn't get that we were there without our parents haha

Anyway that evening another fateful thing happaned. I told A. that I was sure that this evening the guys might come back. But A. didn't believe it.
I said they absolutely would so we have to go to the bridge earlier again!

But in the evening we forgot about it and just anyway went to the bridge.
And we completely forgot about them haha

Then when we were just being absorbed in our crazy ideas again, they really came!!! But it took us a while to recognize them. We saw them from afar but didn't realize it was them until they already reached us.

GIS said, the e-mail A. gave him didn't work so he came to ask again, he also thought maybe she just gave him a fake address haha. How brave or whatever do you have to be to not only come up witch such a special pick-up line (Helly, my name is X, can we be friends?) but to also, come back to ask for real e-mail address after being rejected so impertinently (at least he thought so, but A. gave her real e-mail)
Anyway, after that they decided they would sit with us at the bridge, but we sat back to back and didn't exchange a word hahaha. Everyone just minding their own business/ convo.
Only after a while the guys asked us what we planned to do for the evening. We actually wanted to have a drink at the Bamboo Bar of the Forbidden City complex located right across the bridge.
We also talked about phones. BG had an iPhone back then I think, and I was lamenting about how touch screen really sucks (back then touchscreen was still kinda new?). He wanted to prove me wrong and asked for my e-mail to type out for me to see (kinda elegant I acknowledge that, can still see A's wide grin who saw what happened). My phone also proved to be v interesting, because it was the super awesome LG Lollipop 2!!!!! (I still love you!!!)
We also managed to finally understand GIS's name: Donny!!!!!
Since we both have never heard of that name before we never really got it.

Well, then maybe around 11pm we went to have our drinks.
But at first we went to stop at this Turkish iceman and Donny asked A if she wanted to hv ice cream. Greedy A. agreed which was her doom haha.
Because this special iceman tricks his customers by kinda baiting them with the ice cream, but never giving it to them. He puts the cone onto a long rod and moves it around for you to catch!
After a few tries of course you get kinda upset haha.

Well, then we finally went to have our drinks!
Donny didn't drink anything with alcohol, cuz he gets sleepy, so A. ordered non-alcoholic, too.
Anway, everything was still a bit awkward, because we couldn't understand their Singaporean accent too well and we hardly knew each other. So when GS's drink had a weird taste I offered him my lemon slice to kinda neutralize the taste?!
Then suddenly A. force her orange slice on Donny hahahahaha

We even ask one of the waiters to snap a picture for us xD
Then somethings really stupid(?) happened cuz it was pay time! The waitress arrived with the bill inside the folder and before we could really react, BG already whipped out his credit card, put it into the folder and the waitress rushed away.
I jumped up, ran after her and told her that we wanted to pay separately. BG hurried after me to tell the waitress that everything is OK, but (dunno if it was the alcohol or I just weird), I pointed back to were we sat and really yelled 'You go back! Go back!!!'
A. and Donny laugh like mad and the waitress also really amused!
In the end I didn't manage to win this fight, although I was quite determined.

I think we somehow obtained both of their wallets and were examining them very carefully (and found many membership and credit cards haha).
I was also holding BG's iPhone when suddenly his mother called! I pretended to pick up which he really didn't want, so after a few rings I returned it to him hahahaha

I don't know exactly when, but we asked for BG's name quiet late?
I only remember walking around Clarke Quay when I suddenly asked, 'What is YOUR name btw?'
His name is Shuaicheng... or Jackson. One of my 'traits' (if you can call it so) is that I always ask for the Chinese names of Chinese persons, who all like to give themselves English names haha

So when he first said 'Jackson', I was like, 'No, your real name' hahaha

We always had a fun time,but still this was only the beginning my dilemma.

After having our drinks the guys decided we should go see a movie together. Which sounded funny, spontaneously going to the movies at midnight! We went to Cineleisure at Orchard and watched Grown Ups.
You know their trick is to distract us while on of them goes paying~ We were trying to get our hands on plush toys with this claw crane machine. Then SC returned with popcorn and four drinks. Even though I say I don't want anything!!!
The movie was really hilarious and we had a super awesome time!! Although I was freezing to death because of the aircon! And because of the drinks.
At first I refuse to drink, but then A. said, 'if they buy and you don't drink they will have bought for nothing!' 'Okay I sip a bit'

After that we cabbed back to Clarke Quay and by that time I was shivering and I wondered if Singaporeans even know what shivering is haha

But the night didn't end here! We went to have pizza! We ordered a gigantic one and beer (for SC and me at least).
I didn't manage to finish my share and forced SC to eat!

Also I dared them to pay again! I was totally prepared to call for the bill myself and pay, when the unpredictable happened: due to shift change the waiter came by himself and asked us to pay! I was caught by surprise and of course who is faster?
A guy brandishing his credit card or a foreigner girl trying to find her wallet inside her handbag and having to distinguish between all the strange notes?
I was distressed hahahaha and had another good reason to force SC to eat my share hahaha

After that we finally went back to the hotel to sleep, but decided we would meet up tomorrow again.
I couldn't sleep at all!!!! I kept thinking about all the money spent on us and wanted to talk to my parents to ask them what to do!!!

Honestly, I felt like a prostitute who takes money and such things in exchange for company and kindness....

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