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Bestest Days

最愛還是你 - Danson 唐禹哲
Day 8

I think that in the morning we went shopping and after that went back to the hotel to get ready to meet the boys. (I actually can't remember the exact chronological order of what we did when... alas... So everything from now on is quite blurry as some important points I can't remember, but many trivial instead hahaha)

So, I think we just met Donny on that day, since SC had to study and we was suppossed to join us later on.
For some reason, A. wanted to see Chinatown again, so we headed there, but as I said, it is pretty boring. In the morning I had infixed in A that we were to pay our meals ourselves this time and wouldn't let them pay anymore! I had even made up a plan to make dead sure that I was gonna pay!But more about that later

So somewhere in CT got a lot of stalls selling food and in between are tables for everyone to sit on and eat. Tissues everywhere!!
When we finally found a table that was free, I stood there to occupy the place, while A. and Donny could have some alone-time searching for food! (You pay, okay?! MUST PAY!)

When they returned at least A. managed to buy the drinks. Actually I didn't want the topic food to come up at all, the risk to get treated to sth was too high! Unfortunately, Donny asked if we had breakfast and... we had not. And A. blurted it out before I could 'shhhh!' her hahaha

While we were eating, some guy suddenly sat next to us and then started a discussion about German economy and Singaporean GST. Which was very weird and slightly annoying, because it's not really one of a teenager's pleasure to have their meaninful conversations interrupted by strangers who start to talk about taxes!

After that we went to VivoCity because from there on you take the MRT to Sentosa and that was the main event of the day!
We spent some time looking at the shops and waiting for SC to arrive. Although he said he had to study, Donny told us that, he would be bored for sure and come earlier haha

Which was exactly the case. We went to a café with a nice view of Sentosa. Donny casually mentioned that he and SC had worked at said café. And I
immediately was damn embarassed to be standing in front of the cafe shop employees/owner, cuz once again I felt like a prostitute!!! A freaking prostitute who demands to be taken here and there and to be treated to stuff!!
I glued myself to the view of Sentose so I didn't had to look at anyone else.

Then SC came and we had to move away from the big window. Of course we ended up having a café, of course it was free.
So while the guys made us our drinks A and I sat down at a table and I was direclty facing the employees who'd give me these mischievous winks and gaaah! It was embarassing~
But my coffee (some sort of hazelnut thing I think) was good haha

We also went to a gaming arcade (? how are those things called). It was my first time in such a place and I was reminded of Japanese drama haha
A played this laser ping pong stuff with D, while SC and I tried guitar hero and basketball. Both of them also did a shooter game!

After that it was finally time to go to Sentosa!!!

It was the best of the best!! Hahaha

But we really didn't do anything that special. At first we took the cable car up a hill and went down racing each other with some sort of soapbox (?).
Idk after that we were just walking around, splashing in the water, climbing rocks... Well they climbed the rox at the shore, we watched at the beginning and then decided to follow them, which made them yell No, it's dangerous! If you die, what are we going to tell your parents! hhahaha

Then the time for my great great entrance, my gig of all gigs neared: Dinner time !!
They ordered like not meals for everyone but plates with different sort of meat, chicken, pork, beef and seafood!!

The table was actually to small for all the dishes!

But anyway we started eating and midway my phone rang !! Oh it's my parents! must go away find some quiet plae to talk!!! hahaha
I withdrawed away away very inconspicuously directly to the counter inside (we were sitting outside) and asked the waitress for the bill! HAHAHA
YES that was my foolproof plan and I had the nerve to put it into action hahaha!

The waitress was very confused and told me that I could pay later. I didn't really want to explain the situation, so instead I said that we were running late (we were). So I paid, and it was so much that we were going to be equal no matter what could happen the next days hahaha (at least so I thought)

In the meantime A couldn't help but put up an act so both of them saw me paying... The fact that the restaurant hat glass walls didn't really help either.

When I returned they acted a bit sulky but it is my choice whether I accept getting treated to food or not and I think it was a good thing I paid.

Since we were running out of time for a show both of them had booked (what? more money spent on us?!) we didn't even finish all the food.... Donny isn't a big eater and somehow A and I weren't too at that time (that surely changed...) so only SC there to work on all the dishes xD
In the end he just ate all the good/ expensive stuff and we left!!

I think the show we then watched was somesort of open-air 3D cinema.
We had a fun time all in all and in the night happily returned to our hotel.

Before saying goodbye we didn't know what to do. The night before A and I had discussed that it felt akward to just say 'good night' and go, since both of them had done so much for us.
But we weren't on hugging terms either (especially in Asia).

But that night in front of our hotel we hugged them nevertheless. Later they told us that it felt very akward for them, like they don't really hug anyone hahahaha.

Day 9

On this day I don't remember much about our morning, I only remember that we were to meet them at some MRT station.
It's actually funny that I remember me saying, that I wonder if I'd recognize them again. Idk we have just met them, and altough we spent kinda a lot of time together, I wasn't able to describe their faces (Note: I also have prosopagnosia). But I think even A agreed with me.

But of course we recognized them once they arrived.

It was always kinda exciting because we didn't know what to expect from each day! This time we had decidd to go the Singapore Zoo, for a night safari trip.
We took the bus there.

Donny: Have you travelled with the bus before? (in sgp)
A & Me: Nooo, we totally haven't
Them: Then how did you get to the school? (read Day 2 and 3)
A & Me: Oooohhhh.... right we have been travelling with bus twice!!!!

This is a good example to demonstrate how blur we are.

Since we had to buy tickets for the bus from the driver..... both of them payed before we were even getting what was going on...
Or to be precise, A had her ticket paid. I ended up with the student card (or whatever) from SC. Totally looks like me, but nobody ID'd us so who cares~

During the bus drive A invented teasing the guys py flicking their ears haha I don't know if painful or not but we spend the somewhat longer drive to the zoo with that !^^

At the zoo A. and I were to be distracted by the souvernis shop. Although we were looking at all the items (women would be sand in a dessert I swear it) I remember that we were also queuing to get the tickets.
I don't remember though how I wasn't able to pay... It is impossible, I just had to hand over a 100$ bill.... Anyway, they paid again and I was so frustrated I started to slap him to vent my anger. Aahhh... when I think back I should have slapped more and harder....

So night safari!
I can recall this big walk-in compound with a pendant bridge. I think it was filled with bats.
At first we were scarred to cross, but then SC found out how unbearable it is for me to be poked at the side, just above my hip.
I had to sprint over the bridge to escape and after that walked in front of everyone to make sure noone can poke me. I'm super paranoid once someone pokes me and it will last one day. I will panick when that person moves their hand in a fast way and if I walk in front of that person I might suddenly freak out, cuz the sole thought that he might poke me again drives me crazy.

So even though he promised he wouldn't poke me again, I couldn't help it. Must walk behind them haha

I don't know about Singaporeans in general, but those two actually wore woollen cardigans that night. Totally siao!!!!
So midway it got too hot for SC and I took his cardigan.

Somehow A wanted to take his cardigan for Donny too, but that dude is never hot nor hungry la!!! Only sleep all the time hahaha

I think after the zoo we wanted to walk back to the hotel from somewhere (oh I remember one of them went to withdraw money?). And we got lost.
I thought both of them know every street in Singapore since they showed us around so much, but no we were lost haha
And came across a group of traditional Chinese drummers.

Back at Clarke Quay we had a late night dinner at Mc D's.
Where we were introduced to Mc Spicy and seasoning powder for fries. Only a few years later did I saw it another time that you get a certain powder to put into their take-away backs, throw the fries in and then shake haha

SC put the powder inside the bag and asked me to smell, but sorry, I not stupid enough la haha I pretend to smell, but hold my breath so didn't end up sneezing like mad xD

If you wonder what we taked about in general, well
- if we believe 2012 the world would end? And that that big weird hotel in Singapore was actually a lifeboat for all Singaporeans
- if A's hair color was natural
- if we found Western guys to be more handsome (cuz football players all handsome lah hahah like big eyes and high nose)
- Singlish
- Super Junior, Jay Chou haha
- Chinese prounounciation
- English pronounciation. We tried to teach them that it's 'hell' not 'heo' or 'ill' not 'iu' and so on
- SC showed us this 'test' where two persons put their hands together to show how well they fit to each other
- Candy Crush and Angry Birds! It was actually the first time I saw those games hahaha
- etc, etc

Yes, I think the night ended like this.
I think both SC and I secretly wanted A and Donny to get a bit closer, so often we walked togehter so both of them had to walk next to each other hahaha!

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