Thursday, 24 July 2014

一步两步三步四步 望著天

星晴 - Jay 周杰伦

Heys, who miss me get cookie one

Ok just a quick αʹ☆zillion post, since I have time now! (Actually I don't, I still need to friggin' pack my stuff and shower and it's 9.30pm !^^) So fast fast!!

αʹ☆zillion of things I like about my body
I thought it's about time for some appreciation! This proves that really every cloud has a silver lining, no matter how much black (shit) is in the middle (funny or sad?)
Start from top one!

thanks for my
  • body nearly no birthmarks! (they few I have come and go)
  • hair very thick and plenty and forever healthy (if I don't bleach and dye all the time), and maybe it also grows fast!
  • face cannot frown or make wrinkles!
  • eyes at least not totally small
  • nose bridge high enough for some people to assume I had plastic surgery
  • mouth/lips very full and sometimes I like their shape
  • chin quite slim, nearly v-line one
  • collar bones at least, very prominent or not I can't tell
  • arms they have never been fat or flappy
  • wrists super skinny one
  • fingers kinda long and good shape
  • nails shaped like plastic nails, quite sturdy and white!
  • belly has never been really fat too!
  • butt my parents hint is hat good shape? idk, but at least very firm one haha
  • calves kinda v good shape and slender (with right pose!)
  • ankles super thin
  • feet small!
  • toes funny shape haha

This kinda posts very entertaining what? j/k

I say it appreciation time, but let's see how much I can deppreciate (this word why not exist?)

αʹ☆zillion of things about my body which make me think 'WHY?'
  • hair sooo much hair loss! extremely hard and difficult to style! impossible to curl!
  • forehead cannot be higher?
  • eyebrows where got?
  • eyes why not bigger ah? lashes also fucked up!!
  • eyebrows where got?
  • nose must be so big ah?
  • cheekbones who needs those? make me look old and manly....
  • lips must be so big?
  • teeth must be so big?
  • underarm/armpit area what's with those fat reserves
  • hands must be so big? and vein-y?
  • nails totally curved =(
  • chest where got?
  • belly why are there these weird marks?
  • thighs super big and won't get skinnier when I diet!!
  • calves also kinda big and club-y/bat-y...
  • calves/ankle ratio totally outta proportion
  • feet super dry and ugly haha
  • toes very weird shape!

Which one is longer? anyone care to count? should have made that ol not ul (that's HTML crap never mind)

But! maybe we should change the phrase to
Every silver lining has a black cloud!

Okay that's it, shall nosh on a chocolate marshmallow pack my stuffs and maybe shower... even though my roommate's bf just came....

Chu, Ailing

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