Friday, 25 July 2014

인형처럼 웃고 있어요

Love is - FT Island
Hongki said he doesn't want to hv gf w plastic surgery!
Also the first question he will ask when meeting (Korean) girl will be, 'Did you get plastic surgery?'

Everyone is relaxing at the lounge of FNC building, waiting for Yonghwa

HK Ai, did you get plastic surgery? *stares at Ailing with intense interest*
*akward silence, everybody feels embarrassed, but also curious*

Ai *prompt and with serious face* Of course! I had EEEVERY surgery out there!
*restrained laughter, except Hongki*

HK No, for real! I'm just curious!
Ai It's true! I had several implants, nose job, 4 eye surgeries, jaw shaving, cheekbone shaving, lips, boob job, I even break my bones to became taller! I can't even remember every surgery I had!
HK That was a serious question! Just answer truly! No need to be ashamed! Many~
Ai I'm not ashamed! I'm telling the truth! In reality I'm a male black Lilliputian!!
HK Aaisshi~ Why don't you answer seriously! Many of my friends had things done! Nobody minds in our business! It's~
Ai Huh? *short laughter* I am totally serious? Shouldn't you be happy Hongki-sunbae?
HK Aaaishhiii~! I just~ *gets up and walks towards soda machine*
*akward silence*

JH ahh... Ailing, don't mind him. Hongki is always like this. It doesn't mean anything *smiles*
JJ Yes, Hongki will joke around like that
SH When I was new, I was very shocked of how he treated me! I was scared of Hongki-sshi!
*everybody laughs*

Ai No, I don't mind *laughs* I just don't think, that you shouldn't ask this question to anyone. No matter what your ideals are.

Ai But, I really don't mind *laughs* It's really nothing *laughs again*
JH *looks at phone* Yonghwa sure takes a long time....
*everyone looks at next available clock*

JJ yeah, what is he doing?
*everyone starts to wonder*

A door opens, Yonghwa says goodbye to someone and comes out

JH What took you so long?
YH ah nothing... *greets everyone via eye contact* Hi, Ailing
Ai *shy* Hello
YH Where's Hongki?
JH He's~

Hongki comes back

HK Yonghwa kyaaaa~ *jokingly does aegyo sprint halfway to greet Yonghwa*
YH Whaddup my brother? *weird handshake with Hongki*
*everybody laughs*

YH Should we go?
*everyone agrees and gets up*


Chu, Ailing

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