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Best Days

Let It Rain - Olivia Ong
I think I just need to blog to distract myself from my certain death (again inspired by xiaxue's early posts).
This is a memory of my most happy most memorable moments! Without further ado

I managed to convince A. who has just graduated to join me go to Singapore! Her mother allowed just like that, we went booking, were super lucky an ended up getting this awesome hotel swissôtel Merchant Court paying a fraction of the actual price.

On the day of our departure our mother's went with us to the airport. Our adventure started!!
The first funny thing to happen was when we checked-in and the guy asked us if it was our first time flying.
'First time flying alone, not first time.'
'Ok, then boarding time is 11.45'
'In which direction is the gate?'
'Is is there *points somewhere*'
'Ok, then we will go there by 11.45'
'No, start walking earlier, be there by 11.45'
(this was a joke, I can't recall it properly)

We still had an massive amount of time, so we sat down at a café. The waitress was alone and she was super late with bringing our food, mine was frozen somemore and so my mother started complaining. My friend and A were so embarrassed, but my mother wouldn't stop and the waitress was also very bitchy one.

Anyway we finally boarded, flying with fabulous Singapore Airlines. I don't remember much about the flight, except they had kpop and Asian dramas (not that I watch, but I think my friend watch).
She was super excited and kept saying 'omg we are flying to Singapore', while I was just 'meeh' hahaha

Upon our arrival, we were confused about customs declaration and also didn't know where to go. An auntie asked us but we were just following everybody else, so we couldn't really help her either.
We made it in the end and an Indian woman asked us if we needed a cab and showed us the way. When we heard the noise outside, I said, 'this must be wind'. A. said, 'No, this is rain stupid!' so we asked the Indian lady if this was actually rain and when we stepped outside there was a monsoon going on outside or so. It was so loud, that at first I couldn't believe the noise came from rain.

We got a cab to our hotel and had a cute guy check us in (spotting cute guy contest started here!).
A. hold the talks, and I was just listening. When the finished, I was like 'did you get that you agreed for a queen size bed and not two beds?'
'I did what?'
*sighs* 'We would like to have two beds please!'

Unfortunately we could only check in at 12, so we had 6h (!!) to spend elsewhere (arrived at 6 in the morning). At first we lounged around the lobby, then being the genius that I am I suggested to my friend we should check out the hotel and wander around. We entered a lift that happened to open right in front of us and just went up. Of course the hallway was very unspectacular. So we wanted to go back to the lobby.
Unfortunately, the lifts downwards only work with a card. So we had to take the staircase. We nearly ended in the kitchen or so, which would be very embarrassing so we quickly run to the 2nd floor. (stupid actions start here!)
The 2nd floor was the floor with access to the pool area, but since it was raining so hard we could only sit inside and watch the staff outside cleaning the place. I bet they were wondering about was we were doing, sitting there for 2h or so.

Finally we decided it was time to explore outside a bit. We managed to get into a lift with a guest who went to first floor, so we didn't need a card. Right opposite of the hotel was a small shopping mall, but no shops were open yet (it wasn't 10am) so we just walked around, driving up escalators (some that went up several floor at once which was really confusing haha) and even entered a lift, which would directly take us to the highest floors, where the executives have their office. Again, stupid action.

We also explored outside a bit, because it was right next to Singapore river.
It wasn't so cool to me, because my stomach hurt ever since on the plane. I don't remember if we really took a look at the shops eventually, but when it was about 11+ I decided we should go back to the hotel see if our rooms might be ready.

They were and we entered our fabulous room! And went to sleep asap. During the ours of our sleep the staff continued to ring at our door to see if everything was ok, it was damn annoying haha.
Til now I have trauma from that exact ring tone! We awoke around 4pm I think. I dragged my friend along to a fan meeting of CN Blue near Little India.
I had a vague idea of who CN Blue was, but my friend was completely clueless. Since we arrived early, we went shopping a bit (I bought a black, white polka dot leggings which I wore once and already got a ladder) then we went to join our fans to catch a glimpse at CN Blue. Our place was very bad since security keep telling exactly us to move cuz we were blocking the way.
BUT in the end, they had to open another space (which was blocked before) because there were just to many spectators (even old men, who was just a space-consuming sensationalist.
So, CN Blue. Tbqh, I didn't like them back then, I only know that the bassist and drummer were exceptionally un-handsome, and maybe I knew about 'You're Beautiful'.
So seeing them irl just seemed to confirm my thoughts. The only one I recognized was Jungshin xD.
And the only handsome guy, was a staff member haha. Nevertheless, we stood there to stare at them, got pushed around by fans and even went to stare at the 1st row.
In the end our knees hurt so much from tiptoeing for such a long time that we simply had to squat down right there.

That day we didn't do anything special any more, since I thought I had to go visit my school on the next day! So I think we went to bed early! (Note: We arrived on Sat, the next day was Sun)

Day 2: Sunday

We got up and the breakfast at swissôtel is really nice! Got everything you want! I know that A. always got the same juice, cuz she kept forgetting how it taste! (Not that good haha)
We cabbed to the school and the driver us ask 'Today is Sunday, what do you want there?'. Smart ass that I am I replied 'today is Monday', completely unfazed and cold.
The cap driver didn't say anything after that.

At the school (my appointment was at 10 I thin, but I was too early, maybe 9) we searched for a way to enter, but there was none, except for a revolving door which only led people out, but not in.
We walked around the whole campus several times, always joined buy a topless guy who jogged along the same route. The only other entrance we found was a gap in the hedge leading to the sports area. We peeked inside and only saw topless guys bettering each other in soccer and the guy, but didn't dare to go in.
In the meantime and after the way too obsolete check with my phone, I had realized that it was indeed Sunday and we ere one day too early. I insisted we might at least check out the office of the person I was too meet, so were still strolling around the place.
I think the jogging guy started to become suspicious and indeed we looked like two girls who tried to stalk a senpai on his free-time doing manly sports.

In the end we gave up and tried to get back to town. Only that we couldn't call cab and there was no MRT around. We asked a Chinese Muslim lady about how to get a bus ticket and she explained that we could buy one on the bus. We managed to get to the next MRT station which was the one at White Sands.
It was about to open and we strolled around a bit! Luckily, since it is has one of the big stores selling kpop merch!!!
I got several FT Island posters (couldn't really find anything I think!) Another treasure of this place is this drop-dead-amazing hair dresser!!! But more about that on day 3!

At the MRT station A. bought one magazine with CN Blue on the cover only to have something related to them (haha).

I don't remember much about the rest of the day, but I think we walked around Clarke Quay, and saw this several 100m long queue outside ZOUK. It was only afternoon and to us really a ridiculous sight!! (we were such KIDS back then).
Our day normally ends with a dip in the pool and I think we already started the 'tradition' or hanging out at the Canning Lane bridge, having silly talks, judging unknown people and trying to spot eyecandy!
On of the nights a guy seemed to celebrate his 16th birthday, but he look way older. So we were wondering if Asians normally look older or younger than their age. Normally look younger right?

Day 3: Monday

The same start as yesterday, only that this time I met my liaison at school! We entered we cars normally drive in and got name tags like backstage passes.
After that we again went to White Sands shopping mall. This time A. decided to get her hair cut!! She wanted to do it anyway and this shop was just there so why not!
Hair style-wise it was the best decision ever. The guy (a real professional) worked some magic there! It took him 3 hours to cut her hair while wet, while dry and then while throwing strand of her hair around to see how they fall and cut accordingly to perfect his masterpiece!
Comparing with standard hair cuts it was a absolutely difference game. Even with just the cut itself it looked so stunning one would drool. After that he and a SHINee kinda guy styled her hair.
Both of them were relatively clueless about English so it was funny to talk to them, but they were absolutely nice! Anyway they started doing curls, cuz A. (clever as she was, wasn't listening to their questions again) so midway when she realized, they had to straighten hair hair again!!!

Initially I didn't want to do anything to my relatively short hair, cuz I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but since her hair was so sooo good after that I changed my mind.
Of course my result wasn't as grand as hers, but still I am convinced that it must have been amazing haha I got curls, but it might me feel very uncomfortable, because my hair is really weird and my bangs looked like crap without being properly styled (which the hair dresser couldn't know) so I had to center part it.

After that we went to Raffles City which was pretty boring.
Except for two guys who were kinda annoying. One was an Italian guy promoting hair straighteners. Since my hair really made me feel uncomfortable, I thought I'd use this opportunity to straighten my hair again and had this guy doing it for me. The feeling of this guy flimsily and cluelessly going through my hair was super disgusting!!
So even though my hair was back to straight I felt 'eughh' and when the guy asked if we'd buy one of his products we said 'no, we didn't need one'
He asked how we get our hair straight elseway if not with a straightener. 'We are Asians', I replied, 'our hair is naturally straight'
How obvious is that little piece of information please?

We had lunch at Mc Donald's that day and then decided to had back on foot. We walked past this Mc Donald's maybe 4 times, before we found the right direction and actually managed to find the hotel haha.

On one of these nights we lounged at one of the millions bars around Clarke Quay and had a Lychee Martini.

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