Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lessons そよぎ

soyogi - FT Island
Yesterday I learnt an important lesson.
But first, today is one of those incredible sunny days, that I didn't had the chance to learn to appreciate the last few years. In my room at home it gets really hot really fast, so I had one more reason to hate sunny days, other than hating brightness and hotness in general.
In my new room bright sunny days don't heat up the whole place so it is much easier to appreciate.
The whole apartment is very bright actually, and the kitchen looks especially friendly and sunny so I like it!

I cleaned and mopped the whole apartment today - involuntarily. I planned to flood the sink with detergents and water (to clean it without cleaning it), but forgot about it while I vacuumed. The result is that the bathroom and half the hall were flooded.
I was really worried that the neighbour from downstairs would come and ask about some water damage - the costs would finally kill me. Luckily I managed to deal with the masses of water and wiped the whole floor! I packed the whole place, washed the dishes, showered and now that everything is clean, it feels really comfortable to stay here.

Now, I don't know what to do. Since I'm dieting I can't eat (which would be my 1st choice to do whenever I'm bored). I really need to get a grip. Sometimes I am eating quite much and it doesn't affect my weight at all, sometimes I'm eating not soo much and end up with a higher weight....
I went food shopping today and my haul consists of: blueberries, bananas, buttermilk (for smoothies), two instant soups and a yoghurt (cherry buttermilk). I was afraid I might freak out if I don't have an extra safety food, so I bought the yoghurt ㅋㅋ
I don't want to eat yet though, I'm really clueless about what to do. It is also a tad to bright, so staring at this screen makes my eyes really tired~ I'm not even sitting at my desk, which is next to the window, but on my bed. It's a completely new experience for me to work (with my laptop) on my bed. I'm a desk person and before moving here and seeing my roommate sometimes studying on her bed, I have never even thought of that ㅋ
Anyway then I remembered I said I'd blog and yesterday really happened sth that I want to remember for the rest of my life, hence I must write it down.

I was supposed to post some documents by Tuesday. Of course I procrastinated and didn't made it to the post office on time on Sat (in my defence, I googled that it'd be open until late). So I mailed all the stuff on Monday by express, so it would arrive fo sho on Tuesday. As Tuesday came I tracked my letter, and lo! it hadn't moved one inch.
So I contacted the post office to check where my letter actually was, because often their tracking lags behind. After several forwarding and redirection - by now it was 8.45pm - my letter had finally moved, it departed from where I had posted it.
I kept tracking it til 3am the next day to see if it might have arrived in time (before Tue midnight) but as I found out on Wednesday morning, it hadn't even arrived at the right town. Again I mailed every possible people from the post office and the people who were to receive my letter, explaining my situation, but of course nobody replied.
Finally my letter arrived - at 11.35am. Had to wait until 1pm before I could phone the bureau. And then at one number the person didn't even care to pick up and at the other I had to call several times, before no one was busy and then wait somemore until someone picked up. It was a young-ish sounding guy who just kept telling me that it was impossible to do sth about the letter, that he was sorry, but couldn't help me at all. I swear for half an hour I begged, cried and did all the dramatic things I could think of - I couldn't soften his heart. Eventually he explained the rules again and hung up. I was literally devastated.
I told my friend about it, she told me that it couldn't be, that they had to make an exception since it was the fault of the delivery guys and that I should try everything.
I don't know how I thought of it, but I successfully googled the numbers of each employee of the office. I directly called the manager and he picked up immediately. I started to say that I had a problem with my letter when he already asked me how he could help me. After explaining my situation, he sympathize with me very much (stupid post office people/ how much you pay ah?). Then he finally ask if I had a proof, I told him I had an apology of them. So he gave me his e-mail address, and I forward the apology to him. He wanted the receipt of posting (because of some legal reasons), too, which luckily I still had and then told me that everything was gonna work out! I was so so relived and happy! Against all odds I had worked it out!!
And finally, what did I learn from this story?
Firstly, never give up, try everything (many thanks to my friend) and 2ndly know your rights!!

If I had known about there being a law regarding this date and that a mistake by the delivery company was an exception, I wouldn't have bothered to put on an act calling the first guy, I'd straightforward say 'you know what? fuck you I know my rights, so do what I'm telling you to do, you midget'
The law is so important! I knew it before but never had really internalised this reality. It is much easier to fight for our rights if we know the legal background.

Oh and how about, stop procrastinating? Guess I will never learn that one~
Anyway, I wish sth v bad to happen to the first guy. Not like I want to curse him, as he just followed the rules, but I want sth happen to him that make him think~ Like karma!
E.g. his new apple product got stolen, his car broke (and he can't afford a new car) or he lost sth v special to him, or his wash machine flood his whole apartment, things like that that make him think, 'That could be because I didn't help that crying girl....naaah....(what if yes?)'

Ok, ending it here. Super long-winded and boring ㅋㅋ
Chu, Ailing

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