Thursday, 15 April 2010



I got ill today.
Slowly I noticed how my throat was beginning to hurt. And now, I'm ill.

At least I have no stress anymore.
My test is done and finally my bath is tiled. It looks much brighter now and a bit futuristic.
That's the because the tiles at the walls are very wide.
You will get a pic if I feel like going up into my cold room and take one.

Today I and my friend went to town to look for some of the handicraft books.
There really are so many nice things to tinker, not only origami.
But I didn't bought any books there, but in fact, a fabric heart thingy with a crown and soap.
So fail.

This evening J and the whole big band are giving a private concert for some rich folks in their villa.
Gosh! It should be forbidden that rich people can hire others to entertain them!

Good, in this case there's no hiring, because it's a chargeback for them sponsoring something that has to do with the big band.
But, actually, it's still~

And I will be sitting in front of the TV watching either Princess Monoke or Nausicaä, I forgot.

I'm sure you know work&travell.
It's actually not at all like me to be enthu to leave the country in order to get to know new people or whatever.
The only exceptions: Japan, Korea, China

So, you can go to Shanghai and teach English (or French or German) at an continuative school there.
That seems so perfect to me. The good thing about work&travel is, that they organize trips for you as well (ok, only 4 days of sightseeing in Shanghai, lah) (like if you go to Vietnam it's 3 weeks from Hanoi over Ha Long, Hue, Nha Trang, Saigon and more!)
Unfortunately, they don't have Korea or Japan (which is strange, why pick China?)

But the whole thing has a catch: it's voluntary work, so you don't get paid.
It's not only 1400€ for them, it's both flights extra.

The not getting paid is actually not really bad or so, because I would do it, because I like Asia and I like teaching, but where to take the money from then?

Even though I know that my parents would 80% pay everything if my graduation grades are good, I still think about the money.

Oh, and also none of my friends could/would come with me (I think).
Because of the money matter and because it's such a unknown culture.
Come on! It's Shanghai!!!

One of my friends wants to go to normal countries, like Canada or USA!
Super boring.
By pure chance I read what you would do in the US: working in a summer camp!
Shit of work! I would never ever take a leading part in a summer camp!
Not even take a non leading part!

Camps are just shitty and organizing shit-ass funny games or great discovery games for wild American kids seems like hell to me.
And then working with Americans! Argh!
I imagine some kind of freckled, tall and lanky guy, trying to be all competent or totally enthu.
Or some spastic beau, best in school or totally rich, whose parents think that he has to learn how to work and therefore sent him there. Best if he's 2-3 years older than me, so he can discreetly boss me around.
Not to forget all the crazy girls, I don't want to get to know.

Ok, thinking about this, the real freaks will go to China.
Shared room, wtf!
I need someone to know, who can come with me. Or at least noone around the same position as me.
I really don't need a 25 year old, socially disabled, pedagogy studying smart ass. Or worse, a girl in my age being as smart ass as previous horror example.

I want serious discreet, shy, communist Chinese administration/ office uncles to be around.

Teaching English (or German, but not French) will be a lot of fun.

Ah, I talked to much nonsense.
Anyway, that's it for today.

Have a sweet time!
Chu, ailing

P/s: Nothing against JJ, but I think his hairstyle in Toki wo tomete is really not quite matching.
Or is it the camera work?
He looks kind of chunky and the color makes it worse

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