Thursday, 1 April 2010

넌 나의 사탕 과자.


Not really worth a post, but I thought I should do something.

Have been a first-year resident Junior Doctoron (Arzt im Praktikum) on laboratory (?) (Praktikum) in a hospital!
Somehow nice work.

Have seen refined, minimally invasive surgery techniques, cut-open people, smelled burned flesh and fat via monopolar cutting techniques and seen a whole lot of penises and naked old man.

Today I happened to find out something very interesting about erectile dysfunction (coll. impotence).

Did you (Germans) know that dysfunction is written with an y?
Seriously I argued with the student there until he googled the word.
I really didn't know.

I think I've never seen this word before. So crazy.

Now to the progress of my bathroom.
Tiles are delivered and waiting in our garage.
Shower, wash basin + floor unit + tap/ faucet will be ordered tomorrow.

I have to pay the wash basin + floor unit + tap = 800€
- 25% = 600€, wtf !!!

I will lend the money from my parents, because I just won't pay so much money all at once.

Now for the big news, May 2010: LG Lollipop 1

It's far too expensive (-400€) and also more than 1 year old, but the Lollipop 2 is would just be too expensive and aso not available anywhere.
And then next year, I will maybe buy the Lollipop 2 if it's also not tooooo expensive anymore.

Chu, ailing


  1. the phone is sooooo cuteee =^^=

  2. whoa das handy ist einfach zu toll O_O

  3. 600 euro für ein neues badezimmer und du musst es abbezahlen? omg ö.ö ich würde mir das nur antun, wenn ich eine gute bonität hätte :'D
    das lg lollipop wollte ich schon immer und werde es mir kaufen - der preis wird doch glaub ich bei 250 euro liegen und das kann man sich noch gönnen :D mai 2010 kommt es also nach europa? jedenfalls noch in der 1. jahreshälfte, so wie LG das angekündigt hatte.