Monday, 22 March 2010


I have been sick!

Ok, not normal sick, like cough and tea lah!
Really, s.i.c.k. !!!

With diarrhea, vomitting, headache, fever and everybody's truly loving me lah!

Which isn't the reason for my absensce though.
I was/am just lazy and that's it.

I haven't worked on the layout too much and err~
I was shopping and you won't believe it!

Also my window pink window blinds and the other thingy arrived.
My bathroom is complete empty and tiles are finally chosen and hopefully will be ordered today.
Further restructurings are planned for Easter holidays starting next week.

And I invited myself to a birthday party, thinking there'd be free drinks.
Now my mom tells me is not wtf!

It's the party of a certain someone, whose actual and only relationship with me is that we're childhood friends, the only male I have.

Whatever, I'm going to make a CD for him and he'll better listen to it!

Oh and the weather like it is now or has been yesterday is the exact spring weather!!!
I really love it!

It was sunny just now, then the sky suddenly darkens with rain clouds and the fox rain's starting to kiss!
I love the rain!

Update 1

Oh, the question(s):
  • Can legs really be beautiful?
  • If yes, how beautiful can they get?
  • Are there really so much more beautiful legs than others?

Because, everytime (and here I'm not arrogant or whatever, just talking abt experiences) I wear mini skirts, people keep staring at me and whistle.

Ok, the staring fact, normally ppl stare at you if you wear miniskirts.
Either your legs are totally stump-like and fat are it's just the fact that it looks somewhat sexshy.

But whistling?
Happened so often to me already.
Which means that my legs really do have sth that even makes up for the ugly face (Hahas ❤).

Anyway, some people have beautiful legs as some other ppl say.
Are the legs really beautiful? Can they really be beautiful?

Or just long?
Like a face can be beautiful, big eyes, long lashes, rosy lips and perfect proportion and so on?

But legs?
There are this kind and that kind of legs, but is the difference really that grave?
I don't know.

It's just your legs are all~

Chu, ailing

P/s: I'm too lazy to get my picture transferring thingy, so you have to wait for the 2 pics I wanted to show you, also I think I will take a pic of the outfit I'm planning to wear.


  1. wow. you could definetly pull off a skirt ;)
    while me. i dont have the confidence too even though some ppl say i have nice legs.

    i feel like im waking around naked or something. i dont like ppl staring at my bare legs hahhaha xD

  2. hm ich will ja nicht spoilern, aber du hast gefragt, also: ace stirbt. der ist auch dien lieblingscharakter? er ist nicht direkt wegen der hinrichtung getötet worden, der grund ist doch gleich "dramatischer"...T_T

    ya manga sind nicht jedermanns sache;) ich sehe mir anime auch lieber an, aber manga haben mehr details... ich lese die mangas von OP, aber ich schaue den anime lieber. da man aber wissen will, wie's weitergeht, wird der manga eben gelesen.

    oh die stelle mit der flying lamb war aber wirklich traurig :( ja IE und ff, da schaff ich es nie, dass es auf beiden browsern gleich ist

    thanks :D
    ich habe keine männlichen kindheitsfreunde gehabt buhu T__T eher so welche, mit denen ich mich geprügelt hatte... ähem. hast du schon osterferien? mach fotos von deinem neuen badezimmer dann;)

    ja heute sollte es ja regnen, aber gar nicht, es war sonnig. hab extra dafür was abgesagt, was nur bei schönem wetter möglich gewesen wäre...oh jaa.. naja kalt wars ja trotzdem.

    doch, beine können schon was ausmachen und nicht jeder hat da das ideal. dünne beine find ich schön.. und die oberschenkel sollten auch dünn sein... lang muss es nicht unbedingt sein. wenn ich irgendwo an einem spiegel vorbeilaufe, muss ich prüfend sehen, wie meine beine gerade aussehen ö_ö

  3. ganz genau, scheiße ist das >__< hat in one piece je eine wiederbelebung stattgefunden? aber naja, die hoffnung stirbt ja bekanntlich zuletzt. in op-zeit ist der tod gerade erst passiert, gleich danach will sich ruffy rächen und ist stinksauer ;D