Monday, 2 February 2009

Have Fun With Orochimaru !

Music: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Hello y*all !!!
How*s life?

WoOw, I*m usin a Naruto icon. I nvr use Naruto icons, somehow my entries aren*t worthy of them xD
By this time the icon rly fits, cuz I feel great and I got some Naruto content later !^^

Well Somehow I*m Pretty Happy Right Now!
And You Know Why?
Cuz I enjoy An Absolutely StressFree Time!
No Exams In School, Driving Lessons over, Driving Test Passed AND
AND I Got Chosen From My Teacher To Participate In A Special Summer Camp For Swots!

You know, actually I wanted to blog daily this year. I mean the Lunar Year !^^
But I have so little time, I don*t know where to take it from.
Well, at least I got no driving lessons anymore.

So, since last two posts were kinda long and difficult this post will mainly consits of easy lecture !^^
Or rather pics !^^

BUT, not only pics. I dun want my blog to dull your brain xD
So here is sth for

So if you know Naruto well, listen to this:

My Question To YOU is:
Who sings this song?
Orochimaru !!!
Quang Linh

For all of you who don*t know Orochimaru-chan:
naruto episode 71

He starts to speak at abt 3' 05''

So? What do you say?
IF Vietnameses would ever come to the idea of starting dubbing movies properly,
Quang Linh would be the PERFECT man to dub Orochimaru, rite?

But enough of that, here are the pics.
Stuff I bought some daes ago.

The images have some strange sizes...

#1 The whole outfit. I merely bought the trouser, or my mother did.
12 €
Awesome color!
Btw, ingenious pose, rite?
Shampoo is doing this at the beginning of a chapter in some Ranma ½-Manga

Just Ingenious.
Color and everything!

#2 Second Outfit
I bought, that trouser. This time I rly bough it.
12 € at Madonna*s {cheap store, rly.}
Tshirt 12€, C&A =.=
Cardigan dunno how much, s.Oliver

#3 Third Outfit
I bought this totally kawaii top!
Top 2-3€, Tally Weijl
Awesome nice xD

Ac...... I told you that the pics got strange sizes =.=
You can*t read what it says rite? xD

That*s it!

That song above is a Vietnamese Spring Song, the title is
New Year Song For You {where you means ~female darling in here}

Well, yes it*s a bit late for new year things now, but actually I got some New Year*s Eve pics for you.
But they aren*t edited.
So I can*t post them up.
So you can*t see them.

I try to edit them as soon as possible.

Do you know what I been doing the last 3 daes?
I desperately tried to try to find a Podcast for
AllNightNippon オールナイトニッポン.
Gosh it*s super freaky annoying to be unable to understand Japanese!

Chu, Aini

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  1. das mickey mouse shirt ist ganz nett :)
    aber für 12 euro noch viel zu teuer :P:P