Monday, 10 August 2009

Ailing in Paris.

It's official.
According to the information on her blog, big superstar Ailing is going to Paris for a 3 days sojourn.
Fans having hoped for her visit, spared no expense to purchase the tickets in order to see their idol live, resulting in a complete sell-out within hours after anouncement.


I will go nxt Thursday and be back on Friday.
Whoever wants to know:
147€ (4 stars)
COSTS:313 €
TRAIN:(ICE+TGV)158€ + 8€ (reservation)

Which shows: Last Minute bookers are better off !!!
(o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン

I was at/in Ikea('s) last dunno-day and my alternative bed (i don't want the metall bed anymore) is this one:

Very nice, super handy, but not THE princess bed !!!

My dream bed is nowhere to find on the internet
(・・,) グスン

But I'll still mail to Mirabeau and ask them if they still got it !!!

My new wardrobe(s):

They're from the baby department, but they're white, quite princess like and actually too long and too tiny xD

Anyway, gotta go right now!
So have a nice time everybody, enjoy !!!

I'll be back then

Chu, Ailing

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