Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hottest Day of the Year.

Listen to the song it's funny!
Oskar M. Himejima and Hibari danced to it xD

My parents are out buying the new car wtf !!!

Should I get breakfast?
Hmmm... I'll quickly hop down and get myself a butter bread!
Uno momento !

Rrright, we don't even have bread anymore.
My Hello Kitty Loops must do!

Have you thought about Winter ?
I know a kinda irrelevant question, since today is the hottest days of the year,
but the day before yesterday I thought about Winter, because when I was in France I suddenly wanted it to be Christmas.
Like, with biscuits (want to try out new recipes), ginger bread, cinnamon-perfumed oil, cinnamon-fragrance shower gel, snow (it never snows but still!), candles, advent calender and wreath, christmas tree, bla bla bla

Today I think, that it gonna be freaking cold and also new season means new clothes (_ _|||)
New clothes are kakoii, but buying them is not (o_ _)ノ彡☆

OMG I'm sick of the Hello Kity Loops, why did I wanted to eat sth?!)

About other things which I lie in the future:
  • I want to cook regularly!
    Cooking is IMPORTANT and yummy food too !!!
  • I want to learn sewing !
    Sewing is IMPORTANT too and you can sew yourself EVERY thing, that you like!
    You see a cool gyaru skirt (like high waist layered one with zipper in front)
  • I want to do Japanese stuff!
    Como growing a Bonsai and making Origami thingies, which I spend my time on yesterday. Me and bro made two baby frogs, 2 real frogs, 2 different birds, and a dog !!!
    Just because I'm a freak !!!

My father wants a bonsai, my mother says it's too much work.
My mother was a professional sewer !

Is this anorexic?

[Picture clickable!]
If I'd have my dream size it would be either the 2nd image or something between the 2nd and the 3rd image.

I mean, look at the knees of the yellow one!
I guess she just has disfigured legs, but then you shouldn't be as thin as 42kg, to make it so easy to see.
Like the pink one is even lighter and doesn't look that disgusting (but weak enough to flutter away if someone speaks to her)

And look at the blue one she's even thinner and looks mad healthy.
I guess she has heavy bones ξ\(^。^ )))))

I like the style of Ranzuki !!!
It's cheerful, bright, sunny and colorful !

Will upload some more styles and hair stuffs next time.
Bye bye until then.

Enjoy the hottest day of the year !!!

Chu, Ailing
*sunny greetings*


I won't upload my new layout. I think this one is still nice !!!

I'm starting to get paranoid about insects/ spiders. The last days it always felt as if some insects/spiders were crawling on my arms/legs, but when I looked at them, there wasn't anything.
Or suddenly I have the feeling that something has landed on my hairs and I always think whether I should touch my hair in order to chase it away and risking to touch it, or whether it's only and illuion.
Well everytime I decide to execute the 1st idea, there's nth on my head !!!
I nvr mentioned that I'm absolutely disgusted by insects, did I?

Yesterday me and my bro watched an abt 7mm big insect on the mirror in order to find out if it was a mosquito. I held a tooth mug full of water in my hand. When the insect suddenly started to fly I screamed as if ghost came out of the mirror and smashed the tooth mug against it.
My mom only scolded me for being girlish and my bro laughed his ass off.

Maybe I'm totally girlish in 2 or 3 points, but not on purpose !!!

Ok before this becomes a new post, I'll stop it and save the topic for another time.


  1. ahh die ranzuki ^-^ diese abnehmbilder in diesen magazinen find ich voll extrem und denk mir manchmal, das ist fake. die werben ja auch für so fragwürdige produkte.. na wenn das hilft, haha. und joah, schöne kleidung kann man auch in deutschland kaufen, fragwürdig ist nur der preis... aber in japan wäre man wohl besser bedient. origami! ist das schwer? ich wollt das auch machen, aber feinmotorik ist bei mir so eine sache. XD aber kochen ist einfacher, als ich dachte.
    oi oi, bonzai sind teuer, aber eine freundin pflanzt gerade eine an, mal schauen, ob das jemals gedeiht kk

  2. Hott* where can I order these outfits && not get charge alot of moneeyy...;)