Monday, 19 May 2008


Music: 1 / 2

So addicted to blogging is UNBELIEVEABLE!!
I gotta blog although I decided not to blog that often anymore... =.=

Right now I'm thinking that it really sucks, that not all ppl who visit my blog comment my entries!
So I dun really now, how un-/popular my blog is !
Ppl say they like what I write or my style, or the music I post or whatever... But most don't tell me.
What should I do... I installed a new counter on my blog today, so I can see how many ppl visit my blog. I had a counter before, but it somehow didn't work anymore. I found out that it reached a special digit limit or sth like this. So it can't show more than 4 digits, which means it can show 9999 visitors but not 10 000 =.=
Started all new today then !^^
And I'm thinking about letting all of you know, what music I'm listening too, while I blog. But maybe that's too complicated...........
Or maybe not..... Hm.....
Ok, i'll do it. Jux for you xD
At the time I'm somehow in love with traditional viet music, I think you won't like this... but whatever......

Today I was so bored, stalked many blogs. And found some interesting ones.
And once again, I don't like my layout anymore....... That's so ridiculous. Others have same layout for over x years, others again don't even care, and I change monthly..... =.=
Now I want a black+ pink combi again. ->Like this. So, you know what will wait for you.
My blog is more pink than blue anyway, so this layout actually dun really fit.
But that pic is so beautiful and I edited it sooo cool xD Don't want to throw it away again.

Today anh Nam's coming. Hope it gonna be fun wit him... It will be anyway, but I hope we'll do some activities........ And not hanging at home all day(s) long !^^
And I gotta go to the doctors today, need be vaccinated against sth... Maybe againt some diseases in vietnam...
And it's so cold outside. Ok, it's not cold, but it's not sunny, that makes me feel moody. Don't want to go out wit this wheather.... /weather....

HaaiZzzzz.... I always feel like deleting my post after I post them =.=

ps. i haven't found the damn charge-fuck. i haven't searched, but i will definetly find it!!!


  1. Sometimes, I feel like stopping the blogging trend.
    But then again, I get addicted to it.
    Like you, I do have times where I feel like deleting them after I've posted.
    That signifies that you are blogging because of others.
    You want to attract visitor traffic.
    It's okay to want that, but just remember that this blog mainly concerns you.
    If you blog whatever you want to say, people will visit if it's exciting.
    It's really easy to attract blog readers, you'll just have to have your own blogging style.

  2. hey,

    thx für comment [:

    ja also erstens, ich mag die musik

    die du allgemein drauf hast

    dieses instrumental dings xD

    und ja in ff kann mans lesen

    aber es sieht halt hässlich aus xD

    aber weiterhin nich schlimm

    solange man den inhalt versteht..

    ja manchmal möchte ich auch jeden tag bloggen

    aber liest ja dann nicht jeder :D

    hm ich find du hast so ne tolle weiße haut :)

    jaaa fake asiat die von farpop.com

    weißt shun mit den photogeshoppten

    augen die dann so (dunkel) und riesig sind :P



  3. Hey^^ danke für deinen comment. du sprichst mir aus der seele, der satz "wer nur bilder reinstellt hat nichts zu sagen" trifft den nagel auf den kopf!

    und ich hab das selbe problem wie du xD Einige lesen meinen blog oder besuchen ihn zumindest, aber nur die wenigsten hinterlassen kommentare und das nervt! ein bisschen feedback braucht man.
    nya, ich denk ich werd jetzt öfter hier vorbei schaun^^ find deinen blog toll, mir gefällt das layout total und deine einstellung sowieso, also bis bald hoffentlich =D

    achja, ich kenn das auch, dass man die einträge die man geschrieben hat im nachinein vl komisch findet oder es sogar bereut sie gepostet zu haben aber EGAL! kack eifnach drauf haha, schreibs dir von der seele ;D

  4. oh yeah understand that ^^^
    high shoes are dead haha

    but i think im abgehärtet since i wlak with my silver peetoes trough munic city... shopping and after that party haha over 10h :D lol

    ai ai yeah believe me im very aggressive ^^
    or aufbrausend like that

    schnell wütend etc :D

    but now chillig chillig ^^

    wow that was a time haha

    smile and everybody loves you haha D:

    love, mai-linh

  5. Oh yeah, it looks very organised.
    But I'm not a fan of pink, so to speak.

  6. huhu

    tolles neues lay hasu, gefällt mir total gut [:

    vorallem der header hasu selber gemackt?

    hab dich übrigends gelinkt ;D

    falls ich darf ;P



  7. das neue layi is soooooo schööön !
    das beste bis jetzt und wenn du dauernd was änders ist doch gut, is dann nicht so langweilig ^^

    auf dem piccu bist du echt seeeehr weiß <3

  8. ok first, ur pinkish layout looks sooo much better than the one that inspired u! fortunatly!
    mines always the same.. black.. lolz
    and.. i love the music and pix ur posting too but ma fuckin internet is way 2 slowly to let me c all of em
    sad isnt it
    u gotta hav rlly fast internet =d

    and.. i even hate it when ppl comment my entries bcuz i hav to cmt back then... and bcuz my internet is so fuckd up, replying always takes me sooo much time nd nerves!

    i love ur blog nd layout =]


    achja, neuer blog. nich intressanter nur mehr bilder ab jetzt glaub ich.