Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A tragedy

I lost the fucking thing to charge (aufladen) my fucking accumulator (akku) of my fucking cam!
Wuajjj.... I know I'm stupid. First I lost the cam itself and now the accu =.=
I won't be able to make kawaii pics like that ↑ anymore tt.tt (ok, on that pic, I guess it's a mobile)
Damn, I could beat myself, I have searched my whole room, I dunno where to search anymore!
Actually I was about to search it, but then decided to blog about it (which isn't really a better mean (mittel) to find it ...)
Damn,damn,damn I really GOTTA find it !!!
Otherwise my life gonna be incompleheeete ...
Yosh... I gonna find it!
For sure.
Believe in my peeps *^-^*

Anyway... I have holidaes. Should do something enjoyable, lah!
We had visitors this weekend and my mum was super busy with cooking special meals and everything. I made some super chio cute Strawberry cakes xD
My uncle and my two little cousins also came. Hmm, I know that I promised you pics of them, but actually I'm too lazy to transfer them...
Should I do it, should I not?
Ok, I have already tranferred em !
He looks so absolutely KE AI !
I was sitting in front of my pc watching some drama or dunno, when I suddenly heard a noise. I turned around, and there he sat, looking at me with this Blick (didn't find a sinnvoll translation !^^), playing lonely with this teddy. OHMYFUKKINGGOD!!!
Damn gawwd, I felt sorry for him! Went playing with him immediately !^^
Now he can walk, and it's so KE AI how he walks, he's always running across the room, wanting to touch this and that and falls down all the time. But he never cries! He bumps his head, stumples over his feat, but he always stands up again and runs around !^^
His sis is kawaii too, but pics of her are only on my mobile, and I haven't transferred them !^^ It's even harder to take pics of her then of him and she's older xD

can someone in this world ressist those eyes? GAWWWWWDDD..... I wonder if he becomes a handsome guy xD In any case he has some charm xD

awww..... all imges clickable by the way !^^

nxt topic: What about Mother's Day?
What did u give ur mother?
My mother got tea from england, a thing to ccok tea (I'm too lazy to explain to you what it is) and of course chocolate (pralinen!) and coffee cakes .... biscuits ?... cookies !.... dunno......

so think that was it (loolzz) once again.
Oww... ya for JUNE (1 person !, who listenend to me and went to see the song !^^, i told ya you won't regret it xD):
You can download the song here, if you want to !^^

Gonna search my fucking accu now tt.tt
Damn, I pray for god that i will find it, now really !
And if you read this pray for me ppl, pray for me and my sake.
May I have found the accu, when you are reading these lines.

ps.: unfortunately i have no songs to recommend you this time, but if you want to hear a real party hit to dance click here! (opening cut off!) !^^

ps.s.: i zhnged my mp3-player !!!!!! i would really like to show you my result, and I COULD take a pic of it, since my accu is not empty yet, but you know what?
i won't show it to you, won't show any pic of me, or my life again UNLESS i found the goddamn fucking accu again! That's a incentive (ansporn) to find it, innit? xD

STOP.................. DAMN! NOOOOO !!!!!
Not Done Yet xD
Didn't say anything to my new layout yet !^^
Created it yesterday while I was chatting with viet. I for hours! changed the size of that supid header pic ( i liked it so much just HAD to make a layout with it!!!!) and in the end, after changin it from width 1024px to 1018px the quality was so bad, that I hade to make the pic again, but well..... wasn't to hard!
Now it's done, and though it's simple i really like it !^^
the header pic looked like this after i changed it's size several times.

Edit: to the music.... wonderful...everytime i hear the 'sadness&sorrow' theme i got to cry... so wonderful.... i loooooooooooooooove naruto... now really (loolz really now)! 2nd is from fruits basket and i think.... either kiss the rain or winter sonata OST

Well NOW i'm done xD
wish ya'll nice holidaes. enjoy them. AND pray for me to find the charge thing again (I noticed that i called it accu the whole entry, but it's not the accu it's the thing to charge it xD).
Well dun forget! Pray! Or you will never see any pics of me again!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. das baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo süüüüüüüüüüüßßß
    sind eigentlich alle, abder der is 1000000^1000000000000000 x süßer
    wie dann wohl seine schwester ausschaut

    achya viel glück bei der suche nach dem aufladengerät *daumen drück*