Wednesday, 3 February 2010

이제 이 세상은 오직 너의 무대.


I don't know what to blog about, so I'll just start in order to see what will come out in the end!

All my tests are over so I can finally lean back and enjoy my free time a bit!
The perfect time to listen to songs like Tonight from TVXQ!
And here I'm not biased at all, the song's linked up there so please take a listen if you feel that you need sth new and unique!

I would say it's very untypical to the newer songs of them and esspecially JJ is awesome in here (sounding so not like him!)
And as Yoochun says, this song makes you fall in love again.
I wonder with who.

I was thinking abt Girl's Generation a lot after having this little chat abt them with Yuyeon.
What I like about them is how wondrous their concept. Girly, Sunny, Naive maybe.
At the same time it's exactly what I don't like about them, they behave so fake it makes me throw up!

Now seriously, I visited their site and watched every vid on it! Simply like them all!
I think their songs are really girly and easy to listen to (except Gee maybe! a bit too はで, maybe)

Will elaborate this topic at some other time.

Let's educate the world is the subject of the next paragraph.

Today in school we were talking to a girl, who used to be in my class.
She's very pretty actually and many boys like her (a few years ago, guys were nearly crazy abt her).

She's quite obsessed abt food (or better no food) and weight (or better no weight) and being slim.
So today we got to know that she has been fasting this week, i.e. no food for the whole week.

And she really hasn't been eating anything since Monday. The horror!
We asked her if that was really true and she replied No of course not. I ate vegetables in terms of juices

Right, she drinks vegetable juices. The difference of the year.
Of course, she wants to lose weight (I strongly assume so), but she told use that she wanted to detoxicate/ purify her body.

But, I'm not writing this to have a nice go at her, because I think, that it's not that bad. It's not worse than drinking or smoking, I suppose.
And while others fast because of religious beliefs, why can't other do so to lose weight.

The only problem is, that if you're not used to it, you could faint in the middle of the day, which can turn out to be rather impractical at certain moments.

So, although, it's kinda sick, I think for losing weight it's a nice SOS method. Though, I guess how many kilose you may lose, you gain them back on the 1st day after your fasting.
And my other friend told me that, in some TV broadcast she saw ppl who did this and they lost only 2,5kg lah!
Not worth at all!
I lose 1kg in one day, and that when I still eat breakfast!

(Don't think I'm sick now! makin a Sai smiley face

That's about my daily dose of knowledge.
Let's switch to some Vivi 03 10 scans.

The reason why I put some pics under the cut is that some ppl have slow internet (like meeh!)

Here they are.
Vivi style is mostly Vintage, dreamy, muted, romantic~
That's why I wonder why their covers are so はで.
But I like it (as well as Ranzuki).

Vivi March 2010

Trends will be quillings/ ruching/ frills on skirts/ short dresses!
As I said some other time, NOT AVAILABLE in GERMANY!

I fell for this frilled shorts! Love them!
Just saw some in some online shop! Mad love!

Trend 2: Marine stripes! Very classic! Typical for Vivi.

Trend 3: Charming flower patterns! Best if on some sort of overall!
Actually overalls themselves are quite in since last year! Also long dresses with more はで flower patterns.

Trend 4: All time trend of Vivi. Cream white girly vintage stuff! Very romantic.

Trend 5: Most trendy trend! Kumiki's boater hats!
Note: H&M sells a shit load of hats, which don't suit me, but NOT this one.

Chu, ailing


  1. diekleidung aus der vivi ist immer so wunderhübsch ;_; deprimierend, wenn man das nicht in deutschland findet und sich dieses magazin ansieht... und der romantische stil ist wunderbar ^_^ strohhüte !! *_*

    blumenmotive, rüschen, marinestreifen.. Q_Q hach..ok ok xD

    SNSDs image ist für mich immer noch geheuchelt :P zu blöd,dass ich trotzdem deren musik höre...

  2. ich mag auch mehr comedy als romantik :D aber eeetwas muss ja auch dabei sein. ist zwar alles recht unrealistisch und übertrieben dargestellt, aber na und?
    jooo diese mottenviecher da. wir sind gleich alt. naja ok, sie ist 3 monate älter als ich XD der gedanke zählt ne ;D ich würde ihr ja auch gerne einen schein geben, aber hier in euros wäre das schon eine ganze menge.. im gegensatz zu korea, wo es ja scnon scheine gibt für die paar cents/won. es ist ja nicht so, dass ich die scheine jetzt wirklich für irgendetwas ausgebe, ich mein, wieso sollte ich mir das antun und damit zur bank laufen,um in euro umzutauschen? hehe =D