Friday, 24 August 2007

mai MOTHER mutherfukken suckZz.....

yeh...its unbearable..i can't stand it anymore...damn i think i wanna explode in this shitz
y everytime i wann do anything tat woman goes mad on me?
i jux can't do anything without beein telled of...
i mean for fucksake, its my own motherfukken problem what i do, when i do n what i not do.....GEEZZZ!!!!
i'm so damn sick n tired of all this bloody bullshit !
wish i could jux leave this sukkin house but goddamn gotz nowhere 2 go. realli every fukken lil shit i do, she finds some mistaks and hellya starts givin me hell again. DAMN! what a women!
makin ma life a disease! arrrg.....For fucksake this is friggin me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roses r red

Lemons r sour

Open yr legs n give me an hour.

Kissing is a habit

Fucking is a game

Guys get all the pleasure

Girls get all the pain.

10 minutes of pleasure

9 months of pain

3 days in the hospital

A baby without a name.

The father is a bastard

The mother is a whore

This wud've never happened

If the rubber hadnt tore.

Sex is like math

Subtract the clothes

Add the bed

Divide the legs

And pray to God

You dont multiply.

Roses r red

Grass is green

Open yr legs n i ll fill u with cream.

Hickory dickory dock

This bitch was suckin' my cock

The clock struck two

I dumped my goo

And dumped her to the end of the block.

Sex is good

Sex is fine

Doggy style and sixty-nine

Just for fun

Or getting paid

Every1 likes getting laid.

Sex is evil

Sex is a sin

Sins r forgiven

So stick it in.

Roses r nice

Violets r fine

I ll b the six

If u b the nine.

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