Monday, 27 August 2007

sOmEdAy...i wIlL fLy AwAy

Fy flY fLy...
Let me tell u what...i have thought a long time, about everything.....
and after this long time i have come to an end....
i have ponderd about us...
brood over what we have done wrong..
considered what to do now

tell me, what's the use of beeing here right now, without knowing, what to do is right and what is wrong?
tell me again, what's the use again, of arguing over this or that, when we all don't know anymore what to think
Now tell me, what's the use of protecting each other, when we must learn to trust?

Who's to say, that we always have to agree, that love, can't put up with shouts and fights. and that such things can't never find amnesty?
Why to love and with such brutality? Is leaving you a betrayal, a lack of love? Have i lived too fast for you, too much so that you will have to live in melancholy?

our 'once upon a time' has fade away, ages ago ... it can't return. never will you see me through the same eyes and touch me with the same feelings. and also... i have learned, there won't be moments anymore, with me, crying, running into your arms and complaining about a scratch. but i'm sure you can tell better than me, how it's use to be...for you, will cary away the most pain...and through all the losses...one thing we will keep forever...it's our love
but i must admit - and i feel guilty of it - that it can never remain the same, it changes the more i go and with every fact i know. it does not shrink, it can only grow. but it changes though....
i know, that you don't want to hear this, and that it is your will to hold me, but in this compatibility you will only find ambiguity...i know, how strong the pain is, that this facts causes, and i know, that it will be bigger, because you understand, you deeply understand and know that you can't change and that it is the right way as it is.
you are afraid of losing me, afraid that some day i might forget you, and you must see me not caring about you anymore, but i promise and you know - in spite of your fear - that i will never, never ever forget you, i will never lose my faith to you. you, the sculptors of my soul, the love you give to me is my strength, my pride and my joy everyday.
and i promise to you, assure you, that you must never be afraid, though my love has changed. it has changed not at least because it has grown. i still feel warm in your arms and i must still cry if you are sad. and i still feel so guilty if you are angry with me. my love is so deep, it can never be extinguished.

but, there must be a point when i must go away, a point when i can't bear your love anymore, when i must free myself to see the world, to make up my mind, to learn and finally to decide. i know that you will hate me, when i do, and that you don't want to understand, that i still love you and i still worry about you, that i still want to make you happpy. My love, my heart is still yours. but you must see, that you can't help me with preventing all bad from me. i will lose my patience, will let go of your warmth, will fly away. But i will never leave you.

I hope you understand......

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