Sunday, 6 January 2008

sometimes i [think of peace]

sometimes i
[Think of Peace].

today when i awoke (it was 2pm ...) the sky was brilliant.... and the sun was shining so bright, it shone through my jalousie

surprise surprise !^^
and i felt kind of ashamed? how could i sleep away this day?

and i jumped of my bed ran to my bathroom and threw away my nightdress and sprang under the shower.
and after some minutes a thrilling scent of mandarins filled the whole bathroom. so fresh it made me dream. then i turned the water cold and it poured down my body like a waterfall. so fresh it made me wanna make a dream come true.

after showering i put on my favourite and most beautiful leisure suit and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. fresh warm bread, jam, ham, orange juice, tea...............i felt like a king.... and outside the sky was so warm... though it was winter.... a fairy tale i thought and smiled .... i opened the door leading to the terrace and at once a wild wind played with the curtains and with my hair. a few roses were even blowing. yeah, it was a bit cool but i didn't mind. i sat down, enjoyed my royal breakfast and smiled over the bunch of roses my love had left me. 'What a wonderful day!', i thought putting my legs on the chair opposite mine and strechted them. birds were singing. kids were playing. it couldn't be nicer. it was perfect !^^

Suddenly the sky darkened a little. A group of dark clouds pushed themselves in front of the sun. And suddenly it hailed. I burst out laughing. The sky was so bright and still tiny hailstones patterned on the floor. Startled the kids screamed and ran home. The hail slowly turned to rain and then fresh wonderful water fell from the sky cleaning the streets, the floor, the plants...A rainbow appeared and the raindrops looked like diamonds. 'The nature is so beautiful!', i thought and was so happy, i have never been the past weeks.

And sometimes i think of peace.

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