Monday, 4 February 2008

jux a boring day....

i hate days like dis
jux boring... wit no perdspective (if this sentence makes no sense... that's cuz it's translated from german into english LITURALLY)

wuah.. a little intro to dis day

it started wit d weather... it's a lil bit like the weather i call 'none-weather'. cuz, it isn really weather. the sky is jux white/ grey, not coldm not warm, not sunny, not rainy. but gloomy.

then d 2nd fact that ruined (n will very probably ruiny d rest of) my day is that my mum, was at home this morning. it's not so bad that i have to stant up early, or that i have to eat breakfast, it's that she keeps fukken interfering in my live!
yeh, i mean my new wohnwand (hope y'all noe wad it means now). has a fukken glass- fronted cupboard, you know to show your collection of ancient tea-pots or whateva. so how the fuck can i put goddamn clothes in it? i mean it would fukken suck to look at a vitrine if there r fukken clothes in it. Damn! how can a normal thinkin person tell me to put fukken clothes in there.
Damn! Damn! Damn!

3rd fact: this day will be completely in vain. what should i do? damn. in d evening my parents will come home n then all i can do is nonesense. jux wasting my time, wit useless things.... (acting like i would studyin sth... man as if i needed it =.=) or dunno............... jux crap.............

yeh... wad else can i tell u?
HaiZzzz.... i gonne try n do sth useful..... or at least sth to enjoy myself !^^ (well that IS useful..)
hmmm it has been a while since i've last posted a vid or music..... let me search......

omg.... i forgot that i have this song... it's beautiful... (after that woman sings,it's to quiet) loolzz but the title fits to my mood
so enjoy ya? i really like this song

so I gonna watch BLEACH now !^^
enjyo ur life......

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