Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The New Kawaii

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So how*d you like it?
I call it the *New Kawaii*, cuz somehow all sg girly blogs are pink, brown and white~
But other colors can aso be cute~
But I hope you still agree with me that I stayed pink in general xD
And I stronly hope that the japanese text makes sense LooLZz.
Aww and sry if you are tortured wit the idiotic viet version of Rihannas *I dun want to be a murderer* I didn*t want to remove that some from the playlist somehow xD

Jux made a pizza and forgot it in the oven for 28min! But by a mistyrious wonder it still tastes tottally super fine xD

So I dun rly know what to write, cuz actually I*m in a bad mood.
School is such a pain at the time, my grades are getting from bad to worse. I can*t imagine that I had only A*s in English and German for the last years and a B in physics and stuff~
Gosh! I strongly dislike my two German teachers =.=

Well I was in town today and bought that super cute black patent leather {Lackleder} heart-shaped bag!
Do you remember/ know this bag from H&M ?

When I 1st saw it I found it awesome cute, but I didn*t want to buy it for 25€. Cuz H&M always gives discount on their product after some while. Well didn*t happen with this bag. It jux vanished after some time =.=
And honestly, where in the world can you find such bags? Out of ebay, I mean~
And on that very day, I sweared that, should I ever in my life, see a bag like that again, I will buy it immediately without hesitation.
That*s why I bough this black bag xD
It*s aso very nice, meh!
And did you know that there is so many cute MickeyMouse stuff in H&M at the time? Buy, buy, buy if you got the money, lah xD
I dun LoOlZz
But I am happy with my bag x3

Yesterday I went to the theatre. The play I visited last yr was really bad, so I thought that this one might be bad too.
But it was very funny.

Love Revolution

The story of the play was told with famous songs, which the actors sang and they were only accompanied on the piano.
It was abt a very conservative west-german family at the times were germany was still divided in West and East. They pretended that they were perfectly content and happy, but the truth was that
the grandfather knew that his family didn*t really like hime and he knew that he would die soon
the mother loved to sing rock*n roll, but she couldn*t, cuz it*s not done when you are a mother and a good wife
the father never did sth crazy, his whole life he had to care for his good manners
the son thought the whole family was a prison, but he didn*t dare to go away
the daughter wanted a boyfriend
the youngest son was retareded and was a burden for everyone

then a black came into their household, and everybody went crazy.
The daughter wanted him to fuck her {she sang a song which was like, you can fuck everyone but you must fuck me LoOlZz}
The older son run away
The father sang the german song *Ich war noch niemals in New York*/ *I have never been to New York* and also left home
The mother also had an affair with the black guy {LMFAO}
The youngest son became a drunk/ drug-addicted

Sometime later everbody came home again,
The grandfather could walk again
The older son was a playboy I think
The dad - OMFD! - became a trannie! xD He looked so gay! Hahaa
And omg his legs... So skinny! I wish I had such legs xD

Well it was really really fun!
But freaking cold in the evening. I accompied my frn to the train station {well part of the way} and we couldn*t talk normally cuz it was too cold!
-20°C how sick is that?!
I thought such temperatures were possible in Sibera but not here!
When I was in town last Friday I bought sth to eat from *Nordsee* and while I was eating it, I couldn*t wear my mittens {Fäustline}
Honestly, I felt my hands dieing while I ate my potatochips =.=
Anyway, anyway yesterday was much fun !^^

Ewww....I really ADORE THIS LAYOUT xD
Don*t you?
Esspecially the Contact- Form xD Godlike!
I wanted to add more categories, except Profile Entries and Contact, but I couldn*t think of any xD
And PLEASE anyone of you, who is pro in JavaScript tell me how I can solve the window.onload problem finally !!!!!!!!
But in general I am very content with the colours and so on!^^

So see you around. CHU !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. wow u actually read what i wrote?

    so are you vietnamese or how do u know abt such vnese family affairs?
    and are u german too? or jst studying it?

    and yeah i saw that bag at H&M too and if i was into that kind of style id defo had bought it. too bad it wasnt in sale : (