Monday, 15 February 2010

Gửi những giấc mơ dịu êm

I thought that I should blog again (once in a while) since there are ppl on this world reading all the stuff that emerges from my~ keyboard?
(*´ー`) フッ

Right now I think I should write something Vietnamese for my vietnamese readers, but which sort of issue could be interesting to Vietnamese?
I guess fashion and stars and so on, like everywhere else~
The only problem is:
  • Fashion: Vietnamese ppl have no sense of fashion at all! They either look like women who just got up (= wearing pyjama-like things) or like they didn't sleep at all and worked all night (= like bitches!).
  • Stars: I don't know if there are famous idolized actors in Vietnam (at least for teens), but there are singers, and they are all, A.L.L, terrible!

Ok, that's a bit exaggerated.
Actually, in my eyes, there is a TOTAL OF 3 SINGERS in Vietnam, which don't suck.

#1 Tonny Viet
Ok, his name is gay, I just noticed.
He sounds like some oversea viet kieu, whom his parents have given an awful wannabe-american name.
Like... Elvis Phuong or Tommy Ngo (in case you know this Vietnamese 'Paris by Night' singers.
But I think he was born in Russia.

Ok, his mother is Russian hor! So he's lai, so what?

Anyway, the song I like most from him is Nuoc mat ra di.
I consider it as one of the best song Vietnam's youth has ever brought out!

This song is damn high level and really pleasant to hear, even after playing it a million times.

This song is actually very nice, too. (Though I hate love stories and this vid is just so damn typical, with that idiotic car accident!)
The MV is 9min long, but I think you can leave out the 1st 2:40 min, only stupid Rainy Yang Ideal Lover-Copy.
At 1st I thought that they might've found this actor in Japan or Taiwan, never imagined that it wa Tonny and that he also is the rapper.

#2 Noo Phước Thịnh
I guess he's also lai for having that Noo~
Or maybe he just wanted to make himself more interesting than he is with that stranga name~

Hey! He looks better than YOU without Photoshop!

Here's the song that is also one of the best Vietnamese pop songs!

Ok, I should have written it before, but it's stupid to 1st announce a song and then writing another long paragraph before really showing it.
So if you just watched the video, without being warned, I'm sorry.
If not then: Please, try to switch of your brain when watching everything before the concert starts. The idiotic MCs (esspecially the woman) and those strange ppl screaming shit is just too much!
Also, yes the dance is embarassing, but Hey, it's Vietnam!
Vietnam and art is kinda irreconcilable (unvereinbar)! So the moves he's doing are quite good! (There's another concert where the choreo is worse!)

Mad cute!!!
Best Vietnamese MV !!!!
The song is a cover though~ (Stand bye me - SHINee Boys over Flowers)

Another cover~
But in this, too, the MV is really well done. Really moderin for Vietnamese MVs.

#3 M4U

Ok, these 4 guys might not be very good looking, they might be the worst dancers, but their songs are beautiful.
But they are one of the best singers ever!
Right after TVXQ comes them, because somehow when listening to their songs, you kinda understand that the boys really know what singing is about. Each song of them is work of art, and the voice of the main singer is just one of the most wonderful voices on Earth!

This song features Thuy Chi, who is also an amazing singer!
I love the 2nd part of the song most (means after the chorus!)

This song is really well done!
The lyrics are wonderful and also the feeling of it
I really love this song, it's wonderful!

I hope you listened to the song and not the non-fitting drama!

A love song!
These boys are really best when it comes to love songs!
They are very soft, totally harmonic and therefor are beautiful in a way, that other musicians rarely meet.

The last song!
In English!
It sound wonderful in English and Vietnamese. (Don't wonder if you don't understand anything, it's Vietnamese-English! It would get you ear-cancer if you'd realize what he sings and how wrong he pronounces everything!)
This song is a very very beautiful song! If he'd sing this song for you, with this voice~ I'm sure anyone would mary him! ... Not.
But it's still fucking wonderful!
(vietnamese version)

Actually you can jus type M4U in youtube and listen to every song! All of them are wonderful !^^
Like this (english) or this or this or this? Haha. Ft. Thuy Chi again !^^

So, now I hope that you listened to the songs, because they are all worth listening to.
The last song is esspecially nice!

I hope that I didn't bore anyone with this post and if I did, then it's your fault for not being open enough to listen to new songs and always stick to your own songs !!!!!!!!!!!!


Chu, Ailing

P/s: If you don't understand what I mean with Vietnamese-English, listen to this.
Fucking hilarious!
Pronouncation is just... epik fail!!!
Ok, but I guess somehow their pronounciaten and grammer is beyond Vietnamese standard xD

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  1. vielleicht liegt es nur an de bildern und videos, aber diesmal istdein eintrag echt lang! ^^ elvis phuong? XDDD ok der name ist ein fail. hey, die ersten beiden sehen ja gar nicht so schlecht aus. oder das war nur ein gut ausgesuchtes bild. eww und dieses mv ist viel zu klischeehaft. mag ich nicht..auchwenn die melodien vllt gut sind, ich kann die sprache irgendwie nicht hören...meine meinung.
    und, hast du "li xi" bekommen? :D ich kein rotes,aber hauptsache etwas :D und ich werd klassikradio mal hören - als kind fkonnte ich das nicht hören, aber jetzt bin ich wie besessen.
    wenn katzenuge nicht so schlecht gezeichnet wäre (für die damaligen verhältnisse ist es ja gut), würde ich es gucken :)