Thursday, 11 February 2010



まもなくバレンタインデーです~ (●´ω`●)ゞエヘヘ


What do you think abt Valentine Day?
There are many ppl who hate this day, their oh-so-clever reason is that, it's stupid to have this single day in a year, where you show your b/gf that you love them.
Well, that's right. But I guess that's not the point anyway.

Maybe ppl in love just need this day. Dunno leh!

I only think that Asians use this day to once again, prove how stupid they are (Japanese and Koreans included! esspecially them!)

Let's take the example of Vietnam and Women's Day
When is Women's Day? - No idea?
Neither have I.

Because it's a fucking unimportant day. So, is Valentine Day, but why doesn't anyone know the date of Women's Day.
It's just that noone needs a day to celebrate whatever there is to celebrate abt women (different to love!).

And still in Vietnam women get presents on this day!
Why? Because Asians are just so pathetic and kitschy, some fucktard of them just had to exaggerate and when seeing this date in his cheap agenda he made a big fuss abt it and soon everyone thinks it's his honorable duty to present women on Women's Day. Paiseh!

Who needs it seriously?
Do non-smokers get sth on Non-smoking Day? Ppl who drink water on Water Day?
No, and that for a good reason! It's just idiotic!
And it's the same with Women Day!

Confim Asians exaggerate with Holidays!
Back to Valentine! Hearing them speak abt VDay, makes me think that it's the day where one must prove that he's worth living. Having no date seems to be comparable to getting a tattoo! Shit, now I'm branded for the rest of my life!

Why else do they have dumb White (and Black) Day?
Honestly, get yourself a life!

The only thing good abt this hype are the sweets and other delicious and cute looking food! *yums* (that's why I asked for the chocolate in the beginning!)

Ok, I just watched Howl's Moving Castle!
And I loooove Hauru OMG !!!
It's even better than Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service!
I'm unable to say sth else!


Chu, ailing
*I've never been beautiful only once in my life*

P/s: Feeling so unhappy right now!
Is it because of How'ls moving castle, or just because my life's like shit anyways?
Well, I go sleep now, everything else is senseless now anyways~ [13/2 9:42pm]


  1. I think that valentinesday is just a trick to get all those ppl into the flowerstores and to sell more flower (or sweets and so on). Only one day isn't enough for me to show how much i love my bf. I need the whole year and some extra days.
    so much to the vday crap. (yes crap, because most of the guys only buy their gf a fucking rose! A GODDAMN ROSE! a single rose? What kind of 'love' should that be?... a single rose *I'm still hating my ex-bf for that*)

    but to that womens day, I think it's a great reason for celebration. Bc when I look around in VN I still get the impression that women aren't as "worthy" as men are. It's always the man who is the head of the family, it's always the man who is making a speech and so on. The men is dominating the everyday life. So I think it's a little consolation for the missing emancipation when the women has a tiny day to feel a it special.


  2. barentain de!! hab keinen freund, wem soll ich denn schokolade geben. :P ich hasse diesen tag. mögen alle glücklichen pärchen ne schokoallergie bekommen oder sonst was XD
    es gibt für alles einen tag... in japan wird der valentinstag ja besonders groß gefeiert. und dazu gibt es noch white day.
    howl's moving castle ist genial *_* ein meisterwerk<33

  3. ich muss zugeben, sinnvoll sind diese "feiertage" echt nicht und ich finde es lächerlich wenn man sich nur wegen dem 14. feb. stress macht ein date zu haben! finds okay wenn man den tag als anlass nimmt was schönes mit seinem partner zu machen aber man sollte sich nichts aufzwingen. ebenso finde ich aber dass man die leute lassen sollte, die das feiern möchten, ist ja nichts schlimmes dabei. sollen sie halt ihr geld für schokolade und blumen ausgeben ;P

    lG Vicky