Thursday, 25 February 2010

Beautiful ocean bright just you and I.

Eating: A can of peaches best before 3/2007 !!!

Whua! Feeling so bad!
There are 1000 things of major importance I should be doing now!

But no! I blog!

Actually I should be performing my respective duties as G-Dragon of O!
Or working on the layout for Xiaorene already!

Other than this, I suddenly think that I myself need a new layout!
But that will have to wait!

I want a more lavish-ish layout this time!
I think you agree with me to stop this minimalism!

That's why I think I should finish this post as fast as possible and then I will work on Xiaorene's.
Working for O! will be done on the weekend, because I don't have the nerve to make sth beautiful right now .

Yes, I know.
I just bought these socks the last time, but this is kinda a comfort or defiance purchase .

Don't you think that Sonia Rykiell's H&M collection was super ugly ?
Actually stripes are quite ok, overalls are super in and making things colorful does look quite cute, but how come she combined all those things and these ugly rugs came out?

Like srsly looking similar to flannels wtf!
And I think I don't have to say that the other pullovers (I mean the yellow-white stiped ones w/ pale-pinkish sth, or the dark pink/ yellow pullovers with those strange collars full with rhinestones) were maybe intended to express a kinda off beat style, but to me they just looked epik fail .

Still I went into H&M the other day to take a look at the stuffs myself.
I didn't saw any of the strange overalls, but actually 2 very cute pullovers in pink, which were 40€ or sth around that.
Not that anything is worth 40€, but I thought that I would have bought them for 10€ and since they are kinda from a famous fashion designer it may be appropriate.

The other day I came back at 10am (!) and everything was gone!
Wtf, kinda redecorating time?
I asked a salesgirl were the stuffs went and she said Sorry, it's all completely sold out


Fuck Sonia Rykiell!
Really not worth all the stress!
Next time H&M got some collection of anyone, I make sure to burn down the store, totally drives me nuts.

So, I ended up buying those slippers and nearly bought a pink polka dot shit ass umbrella too.

Subject Change.
Did I already tell you guys, that I will be going to Cote d'Azur this summer (besides maybe SG, yeah I know travelling much, what) (and pls make some celebs be there like Junsu, Yunho or any other of the boys)

And I already now wish that I won't have to be at the beach too often: Getting brown sucks, and I don't like to wear swim wear!

Which is not the point.
So I had a nightmare abt the trip some days ago.
I was there with my friends and some uber good looking guys . Of course you were mini skirts and so on.
Like usually I, thus, wore them, with unshaved legs.

Wtf, like usually? Yes like usually.
I have never shaven my legs once in my life. Because I think that hairy legs look more naturally and therefore more beautiful.

Fucking kidding ok.
I don't shave my legs, because I don't have any hairs.
Didn't, to be precisely.
This winter suddenly saw like 5-10 hairs on my legs. Goddamn nature, why not let my boobs grow, but adding the hairs on the legs all of a sudden ?

Ah, life's so kidding me. Ha Ha~

Anyways, in the dream my legs looked like monster legs from men in animes, you know they always paint thick black dashes instead of hairs?
Looked exactly like that. Above the knee super hairy, under it a bit less.

Was VERY surprised in my dream, but I thought it was normal, because I never shave my legs and it was ok all the time.
Only after some time I slowly realized that sth was wrong!

Totally shocked, lah.

At the moment my mom seems to have some kind of generous time .
She makes me gettint a new monitor, says before going to France she'll give me a few 100s € to buy new clothes (which is totally strange) and so on?
I'm really a lucky girl at the moment. Gonna make us of that and ask her if this weekend she can accompany me to buy furniture.

Ok, now I gonna work on Xiaorene's layout .
Wish me many brilliant ideas

Chu, ailing
*Whoa right now sky is sooo blue and life so easy!*

P/s: I'm not spoiled!
Really not, lah!

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  1. ich hab mir die kollektionen nicht so genau angesehen, auf den plakaten sehen sie toll aus, aber auch nichts für jeden tag irgendwie.

    oh mann ich musste so lachen bei dem satz "why not let my boobs grow, but adding the hairs on the legs all of a sudden" tut mir leid, ich weiß wahrscheinlich ärgerst du dich wirklich aber das kam sooo goldig und lustig rüber xD Und komisch was man so träumt.. wäre echt ne unangenehme situation aber hey, solange du nur wenige haare hast, zupf sie raus, fang nicht unnötig an zu rasieren xD