Monday, 1 March 2010

Doll Baby, speak to me Honey.

Hello everybody.
A short update.
Cuz next time I blog this will have a new layout!

Yes, I instantiated my all new layout thread !!!
AND (prounounced it BE) it will be All BLUE.

Hahas ❤.
Ok, also bits of pink somewhere.
Well, would be a shame if not, lah.

But I think it will really be some sort of different looking somwhere.

And now I DID want to tell everybody somethings, but I forgot what.

"Hi love. You can run, but you can't hide.
What do you call that here? Playing hard to get. Well, I always fancya good game, so I decided to play along and find you myself.
Girls don't exactly flee from me, love, f you know what I'm saying."

Well, firstly, last Saturday, I really sat at home the whole day, drinking hot chocolate, and reading.
At the beginning the World & Press and after that Everyone worth knowing (the book I bought for x years and couldn't read, because it was such too hard Hahas ❤).

It's from Lauren Wiesberger, the The devil wears Prada woman.
Anyways, it's pink, it's abt some mediocre woman working in a bank and then suddenly get a new job, which is somehow planning parties for celebs and all sorts of It-ppl.
Of course, she - the innocent, totally honest (bieder) one - doesn't have a clue of the Glam and Glitter world, but still a Britain playboy wanna fuck her and well, in the end is she really the girl she used to be or did she become an superficial err...whatever.
Get it?

I knew what the book is abt before reading it.

But well now I'm at page 100 and actually - normally when I learn abt stories I always hate the female lead. Fucking hate. Why can't the boy only once decide to marrry the rival of the female lead? - I prefer the Britain playboy.

He's described as THE young god of the century, everyone wanna fuck him and he fucks everybody. But he is totally charming and so on. Sophisticated life style.
Oh yes, graduated from Eton and Oxford (whatever lah), father is dutch whatever, and top lawer.
So the most important thing abt him is that he has a beautiful tan.

LMFAO, tan wtf?
Firstly, I really can't imagine how a tanned Britain looks like.
Somehow I imagine him to be blonde and stil tan = Fugly.
So, I wouldn't wanna him as my BF. Arghs.

Secondly, she (the woman the books is abt), absolutely dislikes him, and the way he's kissing her seems to be for her as if he'd just spit in her face or what?
Excuse, so unlogical?
Everyone's crazy abt him, but she of course things that his kissing is bad~

I would have liked if she ended up with him.
Better than the guy she had in the end (I always read the end of books first and the lucky one is called Sammy and he's a door man - not. Somehow he maybe has a restaurant, dunno leh).

Also, the book throws a wonderful light on It Girls.
Fucking hate!
The books is full of negative describtions of them (which didn't affect my already bad to the max impression of them neither attested them) and I don't hate them, because they seem to be superficial, but because maybe they're so dumb ass mainstream, makes me throw up, lah.
Stupid beings.

He rested his chin on my shoulder and gazed at the model next to me, legs crossed seductivel, face in her hands, elbows on her knees, nipple tassels slipping slighty off-center.
''Just look at her,", he whispered, his voice husky, his eyes, fixed on the youngest-looking of all. "Look how she imitates the older models, watching how they move their hips, their eyes, their moughts, and doing exactly that because she knows it's sexy. She's just growing into that body of her, doesn't quite realize what she possesses, and she's learning like a newly hatched chick. Isn't it smashing to watch?"
Proves that Philip is confirm intelligent one, lah!

Today I had a carry all (Reisetasche) putted aside for me, which I'm going to buy on Wednesday (or not).
It's huge, brown (fake)leathered (dunno rly) and has silver studs and name tag and mirror (what for?). (Important: SILVER IS AS-IT-IS A SHITASS COLOR, BUT WITH BROWN EVEN UGLIER! DON'T COMBINE BROWN LEATHER AND SILVER!!!)
It's 90€ (which I thought was cheap, compared to a 40€ cap lieing next to it).
Gonne use for Nizza.

Sonja, doll baby, what can I get for you? Ginger ale? Vegetable juice? Talk to me, honey."

That's it gonna get going with the layout.

Chu, Ailing
*Yay for all superficial playboys on this world*

P/s: Love! I'm scanning the book for a quote I need and happened to read a few things containing stuffs abt this Philip. He's so funny. Love him (he's fictional I know). Should I ever met such a type of human, gonna play with him for sure. (I love playing with ppl, esspcially with typical ones) Hahas ❤.
He's like saying doll or baby or doll baby to every girl, and brings one girl along for accompaniment while chasing for another one.

Maybe I meet such a guy at Cote d'Azur. Probably not at the place I'm stayling, lah~

P/p/s: Kindly overread my spelling mistake!
Wrote this uber fast, didn't re-read and I know I make the most embarassing spelling mistakes ever!
Wha~ Don't judge me when you spot one pls!

P/p/p/s: Quotes are from the book of course (slightly changed/ shortened some)

P/p/p/p/s: Long time since I lastly made so many post scriptums

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  1. ich hab mich schon wahrlich gewundert - kein rosa/pink? NEE, ODER? aber scheint ja ein paar akzente in der mädchenhaften farbe zu haben. freu mich schon auf das layout, dein tweet macht es gerade so interessant. ich möchte auch ein neues ;__; hab aber kein passendes bild - da gibt es eins in rot, aber ich habe keine lust schon wieder was rotes zu haben...=_=

    ich habe noch keine bücher von lauren wiesberger gelesen. SÜNDE! sollte ich mal..aber ganz schnell.
    ich mag bräune gar nicht. naja, geschmackssache, ne XDD