Friday, 18 June 2010


I wanted to blog, then close the tab again.

No I decided to bother you again with a few lines of nonsense!

Ms Kim Hoang is pregnant! Ok was.

WTF! The picture looks like she got a huge tumor?

I honestly have absolute no clue what she fucking did with her body while taking this shot!
But I looks like she's embracing her tumor right?

Well, the funny thing is that, this pic has been a part of her header like forever and it doesn't show her being pregnant, but~ sth like embracing a tumor.

This is her being pregnant:

Maybe, you wonder why suddenly this post, am I really still harping on her?

I check her website out every few month and it's really funny to see, how she totally didn't change at all .

Ok, this pic is 5 months old, but that's only because I couldn't find any newer pic of her face!

Anyways, her kid is a boy and without meaning that she isn't a good mother: what a poor boy!

Hopefully she'll change her appearance before he has develloped a real consciousness (?)
I think it would desvastating to me, if my mother would look like this!

I think it's the duty of a mother to have a more or less discreet outer appearance.
Idk, why. I guess I'm conservative, but do you think a responsible mother should walk around like a bitch (I have nth against eccentric fashion) and party all night long?


Also, he will be damned spoiled!
And that is like the worst thing parents can do!
It isn't just that their kid sucks balls later at kindergarten and school, that he's pestering the other kids or that he's going to be a pure useless nuisance for fellow humans and a punishment to society and humankind in general (I meam, who need fucking egoistic people around? Just go, die!), their own parents will sooner or later so regret that their kid is spoiled.
But it will be too late by then.

Also, mostly those parents are too inconsistent and just suck at parental sense to re-educate their kids (which would be difficult enough if they were pro-parents already).
And they are also, too blind to see that their kid is spoiled. Somehow essepcially Vietnamese ppl tend to spoil their kids and don't want see it.

So, let your kids tyrannize you people. It's your fault anyway.

And last but not least, ignoring the fact that I hate her, that her taste of fashion is disgusting and that she spends money on mediocre bags,
she IS ugly, right?

Not normal looking, really ugly one!
Even for Vietnamese ppl!

Ok, that's it.
Whoa, posting her pic always disfigure my blog to a totaly eyesore xD

Chu, Ailing

Pics ninjad from her offical website


  1. lööl!! I guess you dun have a life u r such a net victim!! Dun know to write abt anything!! rlly i think that u must be rlly lonely.

    rlly rlly sad...

  2. Hey, can I grab her link off you? Haven't caught up on her since her xanga days