Friday, 13 August 2010

So... Fly.

OK, I'm really a no-good of a blogger.
I realize it, but I'm kinda lazy and also super busy (which doesn't go together~)

I've not been completely lazy though, I also worked on my blog in some way or another!

Welcome back again, to our wonderful Variety Show on http://ai-pan-kute.blogspot.com.

Big news for our Singaporean and Fans and Travel Lovers!

According to the information of her spokesman, Ailing will visit Singapore this summer in order to promot her new movie Eat, Shop, Love together with friend and also actress Angelababy.

She will stay at Swissôtel Merchant Court 4 ★★★★.

The exact time of her stay hasn't been revealed yet, but among fans there's rumour going around that it will be from 20th to 30th August.

This movie is a big personal project of mine and has a lot to do with Singapore, so I hope that many people will come and watch it, Ailing stated on an interview earlier.

In fact she personally wrote the script and is not only the female lead, but also director. Which means, a must for all the Ailing fans out there!
Also because it's her first time ever writing a script and directing a movie.

We are all really excited about the movie with such an original title!
Asked for the meaning of this title, Ailng revealed that it's a story about two best friends being in a foreign country trying to make their fortune. There's also supposed to be a love story in it.

Doesn't that sound promising?

For all of you who are eager to see her live, we have specially organized 5 twin-bedded room for the duration of her stay in the same hotel!

We will raffle this unique offer together with Dream Country Airlines to 5 lucky winners all you have to do to participate is leaving your name and email together with a short sentence about why you'd like to meet Ailing.

Good luck to all participants we look forward to your answers.

Here are further information about the flight and hotel:


But nevertheless, it's a damn elegant way of telling you all about the hotel and so on.

Swissôtel Merchant Court 4 Stars
Twin-bedded room with breakfast
10 days 540 € p.P.

Singapore Airlines
19th Aug Frankfurt/Main + 30th Aug Singapore Changi
841,42 € p.P.
no stop-over
duration 11h 55min

All together: 1381,42 €

Is confirm not expensive lah!

Booking was the absolute horror!
Actually we were so lucky that Angelababy's mom suddenly agreed to let us book earlier. Otherwise we could forget to ever find such a nice offer!

On the other hand, even back then, we went like to 4 different travel agencies, every fucker told us that flight is only 100€+ and only on dates like 10th August to 16th September. WTF?!

Luckily the guys at TUI's still had normal offers. And, I will go to them, whenever I'll travel again, they also organized my Paris travel last time and they're just awesome.

I totally look forward to the flight!

Normally when you book a flight, can't you kinda reserve seats at your travel ageny?
Idk, but in this case we couldn't and so we'd have to do that only at the actualy check-in at the airport! (I always wondered about stories of ppl, who came to the airport and wishing that they won't have to sit next to their wife, etc - as if they didn't know earlier?)

Anyways, so Angelababy and I are trying our best with online check-in 48h before the flight!

The actualy flight will be awesome!
I just super love flying!

Oh and btw, CN Blue will be in Singapore during our stay~
As if I'd wanted to see the boys, but I already said, whatever K-Pop star gonne be there - TVXQ or Orange Caramell - I'm going to sneek into their performance and see them.

But why can't it be FTI instead! (ノД`)・゜・。

Well then,
Byebye everybody! Love

Chu, Ailing

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