Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lolita, it's tea time.


I thought I should post sth before I leave for S'pore so that you could have sth nice to read during my 10 day absence.

(Must be sth really long if it should really make up for the 10 days what? It's not)

Yeah, I know, after the last 100 weeks where I just posted ZERO this is like a joke, but I really have quite a bad conscience about that.

So, I thought I'd tell you sth about my newest Craze it's Lolita.

Yaaay~ LoL
Ok, maybe not hat yay for you.

Before I used to be rather sceptical of it, because it's just exaggerated.
And srsly who looks good in all that ridiculous dresses and disfigured Mary Janes.

For girls wearing Gal fashion, Lolita fashion seems like cosplay.
And Gal fashion is well received by male. Meanwhile, Lolita fashion fills the self-satisfaction of the person who puts it on.
Both of these two fashions are much difference to each other, so had never mixed together until now.
source: Style Arena.JP/ Tokyo New Tribe

The self-satisfaction part is a very good and fair point.
When girls wear Lolita they really do it for themselves and their comfort.
You see that pretty much from the Lolita lifestyle, which is maybe the best thing about Lolitas.

I love the lifestyle but the fahion is not really my cup of tea.
I think it's pretty, but people need to be pretty to wear such dresses and most ppl aren't.
Also, it's expensive and difficult to get those dresses.

That's why, I'm going for the lifestyle rather than the fashion.

When surfing some blogs a while ago, I got very fascinated by that princess lifestyle.
And actually I'm totally in favor of frills, ribbons, glitter, pearls and kawaii.

I decided to decorate my room and bathroom a bit Lolita to make everything more princess like, say~ victorian!
It looks very luxurious, absolute perfect to pamper oneselfs (especially if we suffer from some strong idée fixe and think we are princesses - kidding we are!)

It's also the mixture from childish toys, playful items and victorian jewellery that makes the style perfect, don't you think?

I'm only trying to make it not too messy.
I think that, because of the many stuffs people wear, if they dress up Lolita like, they tend to own many different things, too.
And they like to arrange and display them and voilà, you got the messy look.
It's maybe also just a part of the younger Japanese culture or lifestyle, or maybe Asian lifestyle?
Especially like~ decorah kei is also very messy.

Or is it just, because some Lolita wannabe noobs have no sense for order and can't arrange things, so it just looks messy?

I'm going a bit Gal-Loli.

I hope I'll find some stuff like in the pics to decorate my room with.
I've decided to decorate boxes on my own and will buy lots of gems in S'pore for this.
For living stuff (who are those deco stuffs called) I think I got to check out the English shop in my town and well~ I really depend on some good online stores.

as I was saying before, I fell for the Lolita lifestyle.

Did you know that there's more behind being a Lolita than just the princess dresses?

In fact, I never thought about there being a lifestyle behind any of the many Japanese keis.
Ok, gal's are kinda cute and camwhore and stuff, but that isn't a lifestyle, is it?
Maybe Gothics and Punks and Visual keis listen to special music, I knew that.

But a way of living?

As for Lolitas, they don't only dress very formal, their aim is to behave so, too.
E.g. very lady/priincess like.
Speaking not too loud or too quick, no wild gesticulation or insulting or laughing, refining your manners, being courteous and respectful,...

Learn to control your emotions in public. To look like a Lady (or Lolita!) you must carry yourself like one [...] paying attention to your posture will make you look more elegant and beautiful in Lolita-style. A few tips: Take small steps, carry your head level and look straight ahead, don't swing your arms, let them rest lightly by your sides, sit with your knees together and never slouch!

How cool it is, to find sth about ourselves which we can improve and work at to reach a certain aim. It's wonderful. At least for me.
Having an aim is sth I truly believe in.

Well, and then I found this wonderful list on egl called 101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas

My favo inspirations are:

  • 1. Buy a lovely floral print notebook or leather-bound journal and keep a Diary. Begin each entry with 'Dear Diary', press flowers between the pages, and draw Lolita fashion designs in it
  • 4. Visit the library and look for some suitable reads while you await the next G&L Bible. Fiction: Look for victorian romances, classic children’s stories, compilations of fairytales, gothic novels etc. Non-fiction: books on Victorian fashion and life, crafts, cooking, pattern books etc.
  • 5. Host a dinner party for something different, bring out the fine china and confuse your friends with a full array of cuttlery (make sure you know which fork to use for the fish!)
  • 6. Teach yourself some arts and crafts, make lavender sachets and pillows, learn embroidery or cross-stitch and sew up some loli-able goodies. Other crafts you might enjoy a millinery, teddy bear and doll making, jewelry, knitting, quilling, calligraphy and watercolours.
  • 9. Have a picnic, theme it to suit your taste. A teddy bears picnic in your local park, a solemn occasion at an old graveyard or a formal event by the river or in a garden.
  • 24. Take pleasure in the tradition of gift giving, you need not spend a lot of money, little gifts and homemade things can cheer others and make them feel appreciated. Always bring gifts to parties and learn how to wrap them with style and elegant presentation. Gift ideas: home baked cookies, jams, flowers, handkerchiefs, hair pieces, scarves, candles, photo-frames, floral sachets and pomanders, soaps.
  • 31. Bake, Bake, Bake. There is no end to the amount of Lolita recipes out there, whether you like sweet cakes and treats, elegant sandwiches or cross shaped cookies. You might like to collect all your recipes into a Gothic & Lolita cookbook to share with your friends.
  • 35. Take sewing lessons, or learn a form of needlework like crosstitch, embroidery, appliqué or lace making.
  • 37. Buy some essential oils and make your own Lolita scent; roses, violets and lilies are suitable, perhaps with some old spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and a dash of something fruity.
  • 55. Make or buy an old fashioned night gown, you might like to make a night cap too! Read one of your Lolita books and have a cup of sweet cocoa or warm milk before you curl up in bed.
  • 84. Here is a fun craft idea. Find a large round hat box and decorate it as you like. Decoupage, lace, ribbons, make it look as you wish and then use it as a space to store your accessories, memories, keepsakes and trinkets. You might like to have a few of these to store letters and photos as well!

There are so many funny things to do, but I'm one of these persons, who sees recipes in magazines and thinks, As if someone'd ever cook that shit... Dang what the heck, cardomoom? What the~ Forget it lah!

But a few of the things have already been on my mind for such a long time, so this list encourages me to do them (baking, making scents, decorating boxes, reading!)

I hope I could also make you get a little intersted in this lifestyle.

As for me, I decided to test myself in a challenge

Valse enchantée: Lolita en rêve ©

The Lolita Life - I want to become a Princess!

Well, I need to clean my room and bathroom and decorate them both appropriately. I need new furniture and I need to fullfil some points of the list above.

Regarding the fashion:
Under the cut, I've got some super pretty Lolitas for you.
Extra gathered by me, guaranteed non-ugliness (to some extent Hahas ♥)

#1 Absolutely gorgeous colors! Lovely outfit!

#2 Awesome stores! I must visit such a store!

#3 I love how these two girls walk around, as if'd be completely normal! They look so chio! (Btw, the guy on the left has awesome hair)

#3 Lovely dress!

#4 Lovely dress again!

#5 I love classic lolita style! Maybe even more than sweet lolita! Just from the clothings I mean! Mad Love!

#6 The wig is awesome!

#7 Cute Lolitas in a cute lolita world!

#8 She's so beautiful! And I love the hair !!!

#9 So lovely girls! And again the awesome dual color wig !^^

#10 Princess room~

#11 Kawaii pattern! It's also quite different from normal lolita patterns I think! Really a beautiful dress

#12 Super cute girl and totally cute hair-do!

#13 Angelic pretty store! Must visit!

#14 Faint!

On some idiotic sidenote: I totally need to lose weight, I gained so much. It's impossible to look into any Japanese's face!!!

Desaster to the max!

Well, everyone I'm off to Singapore now!
Packing is really exhausting and I constantly have the feeling that I forgot sth, but really~ I don't know what else to take along !!!

Chu, Ailing

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