Wednesday, 15 September 2010


最温柔的懸念 - Danson Tang

I've got so nth to do, so I'm blogging

I'm lazy as ever, but I decided to just ignore this fact.

I think my life kinda improved.
The main reason for this is maybe that my room starts to take shape Hahas
Like, it gets pinker and cuter everyday
And maybe because I've got sth to wait for: Summer 2011

I'm really trying to try my best to improve everything LoL.
Mark: trying to try

Also to be a better person, but idk~
I think I'm rly not a very good person. HaaaiZzzz~

I really love the new layout. I love the spank colors or fairy decorah colors.
They are cute and childish without huring the eye, like maybe the Ranzuki fashion (which I still like!)
I will write more abt Spank at another time~

Today was the 1st day of school and I'm feeling like a kid.
Everyone is done with school, or older than me and got holidays, so I'm like the only one still going to school.

I mean, it's good to be young, but kinda bitter too ♥ (first time thinking anything like this~)

Being back there is rly more retarded than great. Oh, I hate to see all the ppl there (well most of them~)
I'm rly kinda sick of tây ppl. Actually I told a. that I would sit in the very last corner of the classroom all by myself.
Srs can't be bothered to live with them. Hahas ♥

Well, I think, it's decided - when I'm older, I want to go back to Asia, live there la. I just worry about the non-existing public holidays there.
Here in Europe they got so many holidays and stuff because of their religion, that's rly practical.

In Asia they dun even know the day Buddha died or was born to celebrate this day!

Since I'm back from Sing I listen to Jay Chou (and other Chinese musicians) non-stop.
I really love Zi Dao Zi Yan one of the songs of his new album The Era.
The melody is kinda of offbeat, not too slow but dynamic and still got a touch of sadness and bitterness in it. (And got the Citroen GT somemore WTF)

I like such kind of songs. Like Big Bang's Haru Haru or Top of the world.

On the plane I listened to much music too. I hardly watched any movie.

On the flight there they had not that much music, but on the flight back they had everything!
SHINee album, TVXQ Mirotic album, Big Bang, 2PM, Kara, Lee Hyori, everything.
Also Jap stuff like Kat-tun or Arashi best of's and much more.
Really everything!

Oh, in case, you watched You're beautiful and like the CN Blue guy, I saw him in real life on the fan meeting.
And as I knew before, the CN Blue guys are ugly not very good-looking for Korean stars.

Do you want to know more about Sing?
I'm not sure if you're interesting so I won't say much about my stay there, but it was the best time ever in my whole life

And I bought much stuff, which I'm going to show you F-Cuz (I rly wonder what f-cuz means, could it mean of course?)
Also, when I came back, I noticed, that I spent to little money. I should've bought everything I see.
Next time, I wll do better Hahas ♥

I lost some weight in Sing and trying to keep this up overhere.
I suceeded in so far as that I at least didn't gain weight again.

Btw, I wanted to buy an appointments book in Sing, but they only got like those cute Korean style notebooks there. I mean without a calender.
So I bought one back in Germany, of course without any cute design.

It's black and from Moleskine of course, it looks like Tom Riddle's diary.
I'm trying to scrapbook it a bit and to decorate it with stickers
Just stupid, that i didn't bought any in Sing~

Whatever, it's black btw and I rly love it.
Because it's so... it's softcover, so you can bend it.
That's what I like abt it. Hahas

Well, I think, I just told you like a million things, so I've rly put in my time.
I gonna go back live in my spanky paradise and dreaming again

Chu, Ailing


  1. See the comments look like awesome totally super cute too!

  2. nii... it was the best holiday ever... best time in my whole life as well... next year S'pore... I'm gonna save money for it :D

    lots of love

  3. wow the comment area is indeed cute :D I like the bear :D