Friday, 17 September 2010

Gifts from Sing.

Why is it so cold in Germany?
When did it fucking start to get uber cold in September with awesome shitty wind and stuff?

I mean, if I would want to live at the seaside somewhere in Iceland, I would move there not, hor?

Anyways, I'm like totally bored again. Can't help it.
And I dunno what to blog about.

It's always like this.
When I want to blog, I can't

Well, I think, that I can at least blog abt this:
How Sing changed my life
  • I'm constantly tired. And I think it's not school-related. You know the chronic lack of sleep every 2nd of us suffers from during school days. I duno why.
    But I guess saying, it's because of the time difference is a bad joke, too
  • I kinda became a early riser. Yes, you fucking read right.
    Early riser wtf!
    Until a few weeks ago, I couldn't understand why ppl would fucking want to get out of their warm, comfy, snuggy bed earlier than absolutely necessairy. Even when necessairy is just at 6pm. Then stay in bed until 6pm la!
    And now, I kinda set the alarm for 6.30am (in the holidays at 7am !!!) and wake up! Horrible!
    That's against my lifestyle!
  • I don't like my bed!
    Stupid ah! fml~

And now I shall do us all the favor and take pics of the things I bought in Sing.
HaiZzzzz.... I somehow hate it to take pics. Dunno why la~

1) Strawberry Flavored Milk Juice Box - pencil sharpener.
Can it get any cuter? Cannot la!
Japanese supermarket - White Sands shopping centre

2) Panda 'What Makes You So Happy ?' mini dustbin.
Japanese supermarket - White Sands shopping centre

3) Memo pad 'Its A Sunny Day!'
some random place. LoL

4) CASIO SL-300VC calculator in dark pink with yummy yellow highlights
The Central shopping centre - Clarke Quay

5) Japanese Sweet Dreamy pencils
The Central shopping centre - Clarke Quay

I know. Such random stuff. But uber cute and uber cheap and most important.

1) Strawberry knitted earrings!
Mad Love
The Central shopping centre - Clarke Quay

2) Spank Ring
City Square Mall (?)

That's it!
Far too lazy to snap pics of all the other things!

Next time lah!

Chu, Ailing


  1. eh nii.. next time we have to buy more stuffs k?
    love you <33


  2. die möbel sind da, ja, aber gebaut, gelegt und gestrichen wurde noch nichts! alles ist noch in der vorbereitungsphase und daher ist mein zimmer gerade auch leicht mit einem abstellraum zu verwechseln... aber ab november wird es anders^^
    würde ich ja gerne, aber dieses tool ist an sich ja so unscharf D:
    ich meinte damit SNSD, aber big bang ist da auch nicht anders. xD

    die gestrickten erdbeeren sind süß! hab auch so welche in der art mit einem teddybär als strap :D
    so viel rosa kram °_° aus der phase bin ich halb/fast(!) raus XD der erdbeermilchtüten-anspitzer ist aber am süßesten!
    hast du auch eine rosa h&m-gutscheinkarte? haha
    ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern, dass es im september kalt war. es hat erst diese woche im oktober bei uns zumindest angefangen,