Friday, 24 September 2010

Donny Tang is way surpreme.

時ヲ止メテ - TVXQ

Here I go again. (Did I once use that as a plug already?)

I've got nth to tell you and yet so much.
But I'm partly too lazy and also it's just too much.

Maybe you can compare it to telling somebody the story of your life.
Everything that matters to you, how can you put it into words?

Have you ever noticed the difference of boys' behaviour among themselves and girl's behaviour?

When sitting among the boys my friend and I always notice how habitually perverse they are. The confusing thing is, that for them it's totally normal.

So they are sitting there and telling each other perverted jokes ( I mean these kind of jokes where you start to feel ashamed and wish you'd sink into the ground just by listening to it, not even telling it, or being told the joke )

Or they are painting all various kinds of dicks all across their friends things to tease them.
I wouldn't think that as being particularly funny.

I guess, if there were only boys around, they'd eventually start to fuck each other.
Or not.
Somehow they are perverted and calling each other gay, but when it gets serious they are normally totally disgusted~

For me, I cannot understand this part about boys.
Why to they have to be so perverted?
And why are girls not.

I can understand that maybe just by their human nature they are more uncouth and crude than girls, but to this extend?
I don't know.

On the other hand, I see myself, regarding my character, more boyish than girlish.
I'm not exactly a tomboy - especially not the way I dress.

But you know, growing up with a brother, is different than growing up with another girl or with no siblings at all.
So actually, because of my bro, I'm more like a buddy to boys than a girl, they'd want to check out. At least, I think so.

That's why when I hear boys doing this jokes, I'm of course shocked and disgusted, but if the jokes are really good, I can't help but laugh.
That's kinda embarassing, since other girls feel rather offended or snubbed.

When I talk to my brother I joke the whole time (normal jokes !) and we swear a lot (you see from my blog that I swear a lot). I think the word I'm saying most often is shit.
I start sentences with yo and my brother and I have a lot of stupid insider jokes.

So this is more or less how our relationship is like and I figured that it's more like boy to boy than girl to boy or sister to brother.

My brother would spam me with the progress of his MMORPGs, what's shitty about imbas, how to upgrade your blade and that bladers are the best, how to set up a pserver, about downloading stuffs, about football and how he shot this ball into the goal and how he blocked this one, about phones and computers and that stuff.

Therefore when I learnt about the relationship of sisters, I was really shocked.
Still today, I find it strange, if not disgusting (?)

The relationship of sister is incomprehensible to me. It's like the relationship of two BFFL (LoL).
They share each little secret with each other, know about their sisters favo boys and who they have a crush on at the moment, what dream they had with their favo star last night, why they like Zac Efron's eyes and more of this idiotic stuff.

In my eyes, family always meant, the people who are closest to you, but whom you - exactly for this reason - don't tell everything, especially nothing about this subject.

So, the relationship of sisters is exactly the opposite of my idea and maybe that is what disgusts me so much.
Imagine you tell your (imaginative) brother about the boy you're currently in love with or sth like that (+ he's younger than you!) Disgusting, not?

At the same time, I absolutely don't want to know about my brothers girl stories (think he hasn't any, but maybe he isn't telling me, which I'm very thankful for)

I still think that it's not right, even if it's two girls.
It's just wrong Hahas ♥

Btw, my bro knows that I worship TVXQ and that I absolutely love F.T. Island, and that I'm 100% biased over them.

Of course, there are exceptions from this behaviour pattern, but I think generally sisters behave like described and sister-brothers behave just different.

It's not that I hate siblings who behave different among each other than my brother and me, but I just can't understand it.

Anyways, here's what gave me impulse to bore you with this topic.
It's a birthday present from some funny and lovely guys I know to their bro.

It's damn funny lah,
but as I said, girls mostly find it brusque.

Still, enjoy!
I laughed my ass off!

Fuck you fucking fuck!

How I wish I could be with them and have fun together right now!

Chu, Ailing

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