Tuesday, 25 June 2013


So long... wanted to update about skincare but it takes such a long time for my last product to arrive, so I have to write about something else in the meantime.
This is a fashion update instead!

I think you might know about these platform sandals already. They have been showing up since this summer only? (at least in Germany?), but in Korea I think people have been loving them for maybe 3 years already!
What I immediately think of when I see those shoes and the reason why I love them is, they absolutely remind me of the ninja shoes in Naruto!
Other than that I like that they don't look too girly and I really like this about Korean fashion. It is rather neutral/tomboy-ish cute, and preppy/sporty instead of plain sexy or girly. I think that's more classy and even chic, and at the same time very edgy.

So this post is meant to spread the love!

about the sandals are mainly very plainly designed, mostly with a few straps. mostly they are black or white, but there are beige/nude-colored ones as well. the platform is usually only a few cm high, with not much difference between the front and back heel. the platform itself can be in different neutral colors, such as gold, silver or see-through, it's mostly black (or white depending on the sandals) though.
point when buying watch out for pairs with straps, which are typical for sandals. if not, it can happen that u won't get the desired casual, laid-back effect, but something more and the dolly, girly site.
also a platform in the same color of the sandal will result more in a chunky overall look.
howto since these sandals have an casual charm it is better to pair them with casual basics, too. something like jeans + (wide) tees or anything else with simple cuts and neutral colors.
and also you can wear them with thin, ankle-length socks on chilly days (I know western people don't really do this, but it does look good and Koreans do it a lot)

over Nanda or yubsshop over Topshop over Nanda
over arooki over Zara

over Zara over Nanda over Nanda or Yubsshop
over Urban Outfitters over Nanda

over Zara over yubsshop Nanda or yubsshop
over yubsshop or Nanda over yubsshop

I've mainly included Korean designs over Nanda or yubsshop, because there aren't too many of those in western stores, and because I was too lazy to check many other Korean shops, but I'm sure you can find many others on yesstyle.
Don't you too find that the feet look very elegant in those shoes? Or is it just me? I've recently bought pair #9

Chu, Ailing

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