Friday, 14 February 2014

Elementary 14



A few little somethings I'd like to add to my summer wardrobe!
Inspired by Cy I thought it might be good idea to make a list of items I really am missing, else I spend another year of never owning them, but a bunch of other stuff I actually don't really need. Though I have the feeling that it isn't complete, I'd say I could do with just those.

  1. A flattering lose-fit soft fabric tee in a neutral colour, preferably with a little pocket. How long has this been on my wish list? I just want something casual that'll still look effortlessly good
  2. Stripes all the way please! What is this about stripes? At the same time classic, but still a bit playful? I don't know, they are so cute!
  3. Is there an official fashion term for those yet? Boyfriend shorts? Oversized shorts? Diaper shorts? I know they aren't exactly knew, but I noticed I don't own any pair of denim shorts... can't miss out on that basic, right?
  4. Birkenstocks! Haha... when the hyung told me about his (I didn't even recognize his fancy pair as such), I was giving him patronising praises at first, but ever since then.. I kinda tasted blood. I'd even wear them with socks!! Somehow I find the purely slip-in design a bit too slipper-ish (makes any sense?) so I thought the ones with a strap at the back were more street appropriate (I know, I know, buy already then buy real one), but I'm also kinda afraid I will just slip out of the shoe, especially if I run to catch the train
  5. Nude sandals! Lately, I love everything nude-toned! Especially on feet I feel nude leather is very pretty and elegant. It is very hard to find a pair like this, I searched the whole wide web, but this is the only pair with chunky sole and appropriate design and width of straps I found! The American Apparel version of this unfortunately has a wooden heel! /sigh life can be so cruel

I reckon deciding on what things to buy in advance saves you a lot of time and trouble during shopping, so I should do this more often!
Apropos, I have already compiled a list like this with skincare products, stay tuned, I command you.

Chu, Ailing

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