Tuesday, 11 February 2014

This is Glamorous

Gone with the Wind (Main Title)
A little story to fill in the blank. I have often thought about the matter and came to the conclusion that actually I am quite a nice person. Concerning some aspects I'm so nice and caring I become a creep. Like I do leave random heartfelt messages for internet people. Call me retarded, sometimes I can't help it and then I write unnecessary crap at other persons' blog.
But often it's the other way round that I can't help it, I see something which drives me crazy and I just snap and leave behind that nasty comment. So some days ago...

I was scrolling through my Pinterest board:


I thought the little white planner was cute so I went to the source of this image to check if there was any information about it. This is how I found this is glamorous and her instagram. She posted 3 photos in total (1, 2, 3) with this little planner in them and each post had a good amount of people asking where she got it from.
Of course she didn't reply, of course I wouldn't give two flying fucks, if she hadn't replied to other people about where to get other items from that were also in her pictures and if those items weren't coincidentally from her own shop and if she didn't had a followership of some 30,000+ in instagram alone.

You know, you can be any random ass to 10 people or to 100 people. You can pretend to overlook strange peoples' questions, because who are they to you?
But you cannot as a person with a certain status or popular identity ignore all the inquiries of your followers and at the same time demonstrate what a money-grubbing jerk you are!

First of all, the followers made you who you are, so it is not that all-the-same whether you answer their questions or not. Secondly, you either act like the nice person everyone thinks you are (and have them follow you because of that) or you don't, but then don't expect anyone to like your stuff!
Seriously, promoting one's own stuff and at the same time turn a deaf ear to everything else just screams, 'hey, look at me, I'm a dumb hypocrite!'
And when you think about it, what does it actually matter if eventually a handful of people buy the same planner as she owns herself.
Will her earnings drop because the chance that those people will buy sth from her shop after obtaining that planner decrease?
Or does nobody have the right to have such a fabulous planner as Her Glamorousness? Either way, what an incredible dick!

Anyway, so that evening I snapped and left a comment under the IG picture above, just because she needs a mirror that shows her how dumb her behaviour is and this is what followed:

Me: I love people like that, like 'hey I'm gonna start a blog to share things, but not things people want to know'
Sb: *some sort of approving comment* What a shame as she is at least losing one of her followers due to her unwillingness to share such a trivial detail.*
Me: dumb people are dumb /shrugs

I don't remember the exact wording of the comment of this person who replied to me, because

The next day she, ok her name is Roséline Lohr, hereafter R., deleted our little convo, because this is not a free world and we don't accept criticism.
But she answered one single person with the information about where she got the planner from after all ('@smnthq it's by aspinal of london, but unfortunately no longer available x'). One person tagged in a week-old instagram post, because that's the best way to ensure that everyone who asked (also those in the more recent posts) will get their answer and it's really a proper way to react to such criticism. (Not that there was any reason to do this before of course) Congratulations!

And on top of that, R. privated her instagram! I know you can still view the images I have linked (I also don't know how, is that a bug, or is instagram just too stupid to hide privated posts?), but if you visit her profile, it says 'no photos to show' (in the app it will say privated). A grown-up woman who isn't able to handle justified criticism, now this is someone who deserves all the readers.
Everytime something like that happens, I'm thinking, 'did I actually hurt that person's feelings?? geez, people are such crybabies these days' But even so, in the end, I can't say that I said sth untrue or unjust so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Why such a little story made it to a blog post? Because dumb people deserve to burn in hell!! Because illogical behaviour is crap and because what she did was plain ridiculous and just not right!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: R accidently followed and unfollowed me on twitter after that, but I guess she wanted to click the 'block'-button but missed?

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