Thursday, 6 February 2014

乱舞のメロディ - SID
Today good day, because I shower earlier and my skin really(!) soft la! Also I write this on PC, so at least can share music one (image and usual layout also cannot, because I'm kinda hurrying this). Lately, my mood very up and down one!
So, lately I take good care of my skin to get rid of the pimples and the red spots that I get after one subsides. Means I also very enthu about finding new skincare products and I discovered quite a few I want to try out. I want to share with you later!
During the holidays I finally want to go see beautician to get my blackheads removed! I swear I got sibeh many my whole face is more blackheads than skin! I guess I have to at least see her 10 times and 10 times look like I just got hit in the face. But oh well, now or never.

My cousin and I forever planned to finally get our hair done, mine is super straight by now (but still nowhere near long) so I really need to get a digital perm. At first we wanted to go to Czech actually (I also don't know why Asians are so nuts on Praha), but then somehow we settled for Berlin. And I have to go, I will rot here if not. I look forward to the shopping!!

Two secondary arenas:
today suddenly as I randomly stalk them prossies next door (such is my nature) I very excited to find out some tall cops were visiting them. Unfortunately I never hear what's been going on, but when they left one say, 'You guys take care of 1st floor, right?'. Then after a while some more policemen came wearing neon vests. I also never get what was their business, they asked for the nationality of one of them. And upon leaving one of the cops say, 'She had already got her hopes up'. Later when my room mate came home, she say eight big police cars were parked in front of our building.
We both v sad they never question us, because we have many interesting and important stories to tell:
- their johns also v dirty la! everytime come leave all the garbage in front of our door and at the hallway la! sibeh annoying cannot arrest please! everything sibeh dirty can!
- also the guy above us confirm do the drugs la! 1am still listen to radio! alamak how can we sleep like that horh! you go la and arrest can, aiyo 4.30 in the morning turn on radio liao, very the buay paiseh

til now I don't like to listen to music on public transport because it makes me miss important announcements in the past, which is really annoying. But the other day I found out it can be quite useful also: So I happen to carry luggage with me and stood at the back door of the bus. At some stop the door opened and I had to move my luggage cuz it blocked the door at first, but no one who wants to exit or enter anyway. Then I hear some old, ugly, handicapped woman in electronic wheelchair complain about me not letting anybody pass (or so, I didn't really hear what she say). My reaction: unfazed, never even turn into her direction, like a boss.
So in the end, it is quite useful for having an excuse to ignore bitter and ugly people's superfluous yadda.

Chu, Ailing

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