Friday, 31 January 2014

abusing the app!! I realized that lately there are phases I'm feeling down, because I compare myself to others; a thing I've never done before and have always considered stupid.

But I guess ultimately, it's because I feel out of place while I'm imaging everyone happy and fulfilled. And it could be something as simple as envy, too. If it's that then I'm really to pity haha.

Nevertheless it's really unsettling still. When you are in a bad mood it's really funny how small things which normally aren't such a big deal can make you more and more down, like suddenly everything is adding up to a shitty life or sth the like.

Btw the light in our dungeon bathroom broke so I (was forced to) bathed w candle light. Somehow Cy and I live like real hobos.

GONG XI FA CAI!! Everyone enjoy the year of the horse! My wish for everyone is to find their place in life x

Cy's Rilakkuma whom I like to call Lil' Akuma, crazily ingenious pun, is it? Chillin' like a villain

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