Monday, 27 January 2014

I'm posting this while on the go again, right now I wonder if celebrity lifestyle is like this. Alone, on some tour bus, always going from one place to another.
Actually I just thought that not posting anything would be a waste of time, but I have really nothing I would want write about just like this on my phone. I have been noting down some thoughts of mine into my diary (eventually) and will blog about them in a free minute, when all the stress I'm going through now is over.

While sorting through my millions of drafts just now I found an uber ridiculous post about smelly life. I guess I'll post it some day just for a good laugh. It sounds like I fucking studied law haha
Also I miss how I used to write back then, many trivial rants, full of insults and slang~ I thought I had to write in a more mature way, because writing like dis is stupid la, but now I think I understand everyone should have his own style (as long as it's not totally retarded like smelly life's spelling chaos).

I'm a bit into weight-loss again and my problems are two:

/ whenever I have the choice between food or no food, I shit onto weight loss and eat

/ mostly I forget abt my diet plans and just eat normally, then lying in bed I'm like, 'I actually planned to skip dinner'

So what I really have to remind myself of is that this is a every second-challenge. Every second you have to decide between good or bad. Every second you have to be observant to your actions and conscious of your goals.

below pizza fait maison, just to see how pictures look when posted via app


  1. oh yea..i remembered you used to blog rants that was funny hahaha!

    1. thx for always checking back x

      and, you actually read them? haha !^^