Friday, 18 April 2014

たく! the bus arrive too late and nobody has a clue abt what's going on... they actually hv my phone number to contact me when sth goes wrong, bt I nvr receive a message la...

anw today A. and I wanted to fool around a bit and tricked our friends into believing that we're back in sgp already.
bt then everything went wrong and they invite us to bday preparation meeting (sth like that?)
and everything turned out really awkward and we felt super bad www bt anyways so nice for them to still care so much ww
it will be a blast when we are finally finally back!!

so abt ytd I ate NTH and my hunger lvl this morning NTH
sth wrong w my body lar... bt still feel kinda weak so I snacked some candy ww

and just now I wanted to meet with hyung at Starbucks and I arrive on hour too early wtf!!
I dunno how ytd I type 3시 instead of 2 and nvr realize.. cheehh...

so I ordered tea first when waiting in order to get a hot chocolate later on, bt in the end only tea (with sugar)....
so today de intake still ok www

Later on J and I went to watch Spider Man SPOILER ALERT and the movie is actually good and all, but it's goddamn long-wided... like they could have make the movie half as long with as much tension, love and interesting story line. But now... everything took ten times longer because they had to add 100s of trivial events, etc...
But I really liked the Harry guy (taipuu ding ding ding!!!), so for me it was clear from the first second he appeared that he would turn evil... Oh the curse of rich, arrogant ikemen~ And his hair was just awesome, too www
Absolute fitting for a cocky, rich brat www... Alas~

OMFG I just googled it and the previous Harry Osborn was so disgusting WTF they picked curly, blonde beau /vomits
Walao too disgusting cannot talk about this anymore....
OMFG #2 people actually made pictures to compare the current Harry actor with Lenoardo di Caprio www I had exactly the same thought, they both have (had in the case of Leo) this fragile, sinister ikemen vibe~

anyway I'm happy the bitch died...

Today we want to go have dinner at a Japanese tapas bar, it's like fusion kitchen of tapas and sushi! Yum, I gonna feast like mad. Fuck this diet WW... (but seriously, like this cannot reach dw EVER)
I wanted to try this place out for a long time, but never got around to go... Now I finally have the chance to www
I will bring my camera (YES I got it back) and snap pics to share later on.

Tomorrow we want to go to adidas sample sale~ Please let there be lots of cheap and pretty stuff so I can gear up on sports clothes to finally get my ass moving (will not happen, but still~ w)

Ok, I get ready for dins now...bb
Chu, Ailing

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