Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Baby It's You - June
Things I want at the moment
  • a decent gym (and nice training clothes www)
  • a Vesta or Harley Davidson
  • my dream weight

I just want a gym that offers Pilates or yoga or a combination, but no, got nothing like that near my house... /saddened
Ah the struggle www

And the Vesta/ Harley Davidson thing is very random. I always liked bikes and if I could ever drive those it would prove to myself that I'm not a wimp ww But I am. Car driving I hate already... And when I see people learning how to drive a motorbike I get the creeps just by watching ww
I like Vesta because they look really vintage and have this freedom feel to them... My cousin has a pink one (with Hello Kitty seat cover w). And Harley Davidson because that would be the ultimate bad-ass symbol.

Yes, yes I know my posts are super random and pointless, but I just have the urge to write everything down!
About my dream weight.. Would that scale be here I could at least know how far I am from it, but alas it comes but tomorrow...

it's tomorrow by now

In case anyone's interested: instead of studying I watched like 13 eps of 黒子のバスケ ytd .・ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ
I like Aomine, Tatsuya, Kagami and Kise! And I hate the stupid pervert glasses guy of Aomine, the two murder idiots, Alex and Kuroko!
Talking about Tatsuya's seiyuu ytd somehow led me to promising to watching Free!. HiAZz I gave it too easily. What I saw from Free! til now was not very promising. So I figured Haruka (please let that be his name~) is the protagonist and his character ist just... duh!? And then the Makoto (I even knew who this was by myself) guy is double pointless, the little boy absolute annoying and Rin (that one I also myself know, cuz he closest to my type) has the same mouth as inspector Yamamura WTF !!! what's going on with ikemen these days?!
In 黒子のバスケ, too the only obviously 100% ikemen is Tatsuya and he is like supporting side character only! Even Kise the beau is not ikemen... And Aomine and Taiga are only ikemen because of their personality (and ok-looks...)

Still have 4 eps to go... After that Free! (or not ww)

Today weather is super bright and warm and sunny and it makes me feel very Japanese! (Yes you read that right)
I've got the song 旅立つキミへ stuck in my head all day, cherry blossoms and all! BUT I HATE CHERRY BLOSSOMS!
Yes, I decided it's official, I hate pink flowers on trees.... I don't know how it's beautiful, it just seems to be spam to me...
Right now I can't even remember if I ever found them really breathtakingly picturesque at any point of time, but now I just think, ok it must be very refreshing and invigorating to see the streets decked in colours after a long grey winter and that's it.
The cherry blossoms itself, I hate...
Nevertheless I like the song very much!!

So after coming home from lab afternoon, I felt v tired and my room was incredibly hot because of the sun!
I went to fetch my scale somemore and it's..... hidoi.... but I'm not going to return it, because I also can't help it if the world consists of only ugly scale desginers wtf!
Anyway I still haven't reached my 1st gw (goal-weight in anorexic/ thinspo lingo), still need 0.8kg/ 1.76lb. Yet I'm still surprised.... Haven't been this skinny in a long long time..
My BMI now 19.... I need to lose a few more pounds... Ok more than a few...

That is also because ytd I (
how do you call this
) binged www Ok I had two maoam packs and like 2 fat slices of breads. Even so, the day before I only had one pack of maoams (I'm so ridiculous I know www).

It is better if I stay outside a lot (aka school) because at home I often eat out of boredom (in school when bored at least cannot eat) and outside I'm just not hungry because I constantly have sth to do.

Nah, anyway, I'm tired now, because I old lar.... I end this post here now.
(if now I seriously nap then need bitch slap pls.. thanks ar)

EDIT Didn't sleep, but went to take a bath!
Recently I, too, like to live very dangerously and use phone while I lie in the bathtub www Til now nothing happen (of course) but maybe some day will? ww

After that I feel a bit refreshed and now I study a bit.
Yesterday I was v angry w my parents. I notice that recently I get very upset when people suddenly change plans.
This is because I try to plan things that will make everyone have an enjoyable time according to people's plans, but when they suddenly change them, all my thoughtful thinking was in vain and it appears as everyone shit on my niceness /sobs /condemns the heavens

But now everything is OK and yeah just wanted to add this. kthxbye

Chu, Ailing

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