Monday, 14 April 2014

it's 9pm and I'm very tired already.

I like travelling at night time, because it's so dark outside and you only see lights and can make out some dark shapes that could be a hill or the horizon. Everything seems kind of mysterious and the things that are bright seem double important.

That's why I also don't mind/ like to drive at night although I normally hate driving.
But at night it feels like you travel through space and time w Or in outer space.
It seems kind of unreal... that or I'm just weird.
It has this kind of 'cruising through the darkness'-feel... !!

To keep you updated about my diet:
The last 2 days I ate enough for like 10 days or so. Not sure if I gained it all back, bt surely a bit at least.
I also snacked like nobody ever cared.

I think I actually want to go to the gym~
Even if I can do only cardio... Better than nothing.
I know if I'm so reluctant to go to the gym why don't I just save the money and stay at home and do some sports there. But at home I can't be motivated to move at all. I need equipment and the right atmosphere.
Sounds dumb but so is humankind...

And I again forgot my cam... So annoying~ I can't share any pictures, just these spamy test posts (I'm aware that they don't look very welcoming w)

But I gonna have my bro bring it to me in a few days... Hopefully he won't forget it...

Ok I really want to nap now, ttyl

Darn it! Feels so good to nap. I just wanna arrive home watch Star Trek and falls asleep again www
Or to travel in here forever. It's dark, warm, fascinating and softly rocking to and fro.. oh yes, driving home in a bus at night is the best thing ever. Except for being a millionaire, that's maybe a bit better. But only a bit...

Bt I'm home soon.
I look forward to a bit of school tml and even more sleep during the day www
Omg I'm such a boring stay-at-home. Why do I even own a blog?!

I hate lab work so so much. At least this time round I have a nice partner who work with, and I trust her to be a bit more skilled and knowledgable about lab work than me www. Because I SUCK.

Anyway I bought this Victoria's Secret bikini top in black.

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Cropped Top

The image looks ridiculous. It's really hard to find a bardot style bikini top like this.
I've searched everywhere, but could only find VS, Urban Outfitters , Beach Riot and Lolli Swim (both last season) selling this cut.
Plus the top is really really very tight. I nearly couldn't squeeze myself in ww.

I now need a nice bikini bottom(s) and then I'm all set. To go. To Singapore. And never come back. 짱!

And finally going to order a scale now. Looking forward to it. Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness, doesn't know happiness. Money only buys happiness.

Ok, see you again tomorrow.
Chu, Ailing

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