Friday, 11 April 2014

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in-transit blogging!

some people are so incredibly abnormal I can't even.

a few rows behind me are 2 women and one just take out a book to read:

1: oh so you're reading? *reads out title dramatically*
2: yeah *patronizing*
1: *reads 'mysterious love story's from description on book cover dramatically*
must be very exciting right?
oh you're only at the beginning?
is it hard to read yeah?

FFS can anyone think of any dumber, annoying and unnecessary stuff to say? I award her with the Golden Butt Kick for that.
I hate those people that say those kind of stupid, unconnected things.
'is it hard to read?' WTF ppl never start a book from the first pages isit? always just read the climax and the end right?
HOW can a sane person say such a sentence?  

2ndly the other woman obviously doesn't take out a book because she wants the other one to drop one comment dumber than the other about it. People with books commonly want to read it without being disturbed by some busybodies' annoying and absolute useless chitchat...
HOW do you not realize that? I just can't...

Yesterday night I was very restless so I googled stuff like 'eating only one bread a day'

Ardent anorexic fighters prognosis are devastating: apparently I will die soon due to nutrient deficiency!
My kidney functions will break down, etc and I will get cancer. Ok cancer is not...
But my body will also start to metabolize all the muscles away, it will 'start to devour itself'. I will become 'skinny but soft'. !!!
But my stomach will also shrink, which doesn't sound so bad because mine is a bottomless pit; I eat my friends meals for them if they can't finish as a matter of fact (///▽///)

Nevertheless I don't think human bodies are so weak and die so easily when you only eat bread for some time...

I also don't intend to do this for too long, maybe like 2 weeks until I reach my dream weight.
I know they said I'd gain it all back in no time because idk because I will eat normally again?

I just have to be more cautious about what I eat then...

Still I don't want any nutrient deficiency so I reckon I gonna vary my meals a bit (not that I have absolute the same thing and really 'bread only' the last days).
Today I started the day with two glasses of soy milk, with one glass being slightly over 100 kcal! Why everything so friggin much?! I think everything that is over 100 per portion is just soo much (* - -)

Also I wonder how to continue my diet during this weekend... meh most likely I will gain all that I lost back... I swear I can gain 3-4 kg on one day...

And I don't want my muscles (whatever muscles I have) to vanish either.
I know how important muscles are for weight-loss. So I think I should do some sports? I don't really like lifting and cardio stuff, but I'd like to do yogates, or pilates... or yoga if got no choice. I really like pilates but only w machines which I guess cannot find anywhere... Yogates also cannot I think.... And just yoga isn't really helpful for weight-loss...

The gym near my place only has the typical like muscle training, cardio and err idk. Not anything that I'd wanted to do ... so how? ah #firstworldproblems

Chu, Ailing

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