Thursday, 10 April 2014

Walao ytd I totally praise 2048 today I crack it already (during lessons w). It is actually not very hard, who wants to know how, I share with you guys ww.
Now I am again left with nothing... But nvm I still enjoy replaying it w.

Apropos games, another game that I got introduced to is a simple quiz game and you can challenge strangers, because it's multi-player. Funny enough you can also chat to the strangers, which I don't think people really do.
Today suddenly I received a message from a guy and ughh, why are guys so absolutely fucking lecherous, it's not only disgusting but inhuman!! Can't they maintain a certain class?!
I actually like to chat with strangers, because it's fun to play with them and troll around. It's my speciality to toy around with unknown internet men www Oh the good ol' IRC days... But this guy was just too dumb to converse on my lvl so I had to quick or I puke.
So here's how the convo went:
Are you female?
however I semi-played along because til now it could be sort purposely pretend la
added question mark to tease him a little

How old?
ok now I'm absolutely sure that he's a dumb faggot

too old for you
admittedly not very witty, it's my standard reply, because I can't think of any more witty ones, only equally dumb ones like 69,6,66,666,100,etc

haha do you think so? how old are you

where are you from?
from there on I was really tired of his lame and dumb way to chat I ignored him a bit and received more shit like

are you still there?
are you interested in 39 yr old men?
still there?
well then bye

And the moral of this story: The internet is full of horny, moronic old men. Oh what news....

I was showing this to the girl who sits next to me and she was like You and your pedos www That is because ytd I also receive a message reading Who are you?
I hate those messages, like whole world wide web got a zillion of people cannot go and ask everyone who they are when you know it could be anyone from Swaziland or Seychelles or dunno your neighbour whom you don't even know, so stop asking online people that dumb question!!!!

Today me and Namakemono-san (yes,the girl who sit next to me) spontaneously decided to skip maths, because one of the students has to present the homework and we both don't really feel like doing it www
Also this homework very easy one so nvm if we skip ww

Then I realize I wanted to meet GS-hyeong at Starbucks after class so now I have like a bit time to kill and decided to blog.
I just checked the nutritional facts of Starbucks' products; everything is just soo nutritious how can Western ppl not be fat?! Drink 2 or 3 hot chocolates with cream is already enough for one day...

A. said if I don't pay attention I will become anorexic.
My honest thoughts are, technically seen I am anorexic by now www

Ok what constitutes anorexia?
I don't really know but a few things I can think of just with common sense.
I think it's not only looking like a pile of bones, but also wanting to look like a pile of bones. That I definitely despise.
But maybe there are anorexics who don't want to be so thin, but just can't turn off their control mania when (not) eating. Some anorexics actually don't primarily want to lose weight, but just have a control mania... That I also don't have.
Eating very little? Yes, that I do right now - but I am nowhere near starving or feeling uncomfortable. Which actually can't be normal... Ok normally I don't move very much throughout the day, but now with school I actually do walk around a bit. On the other hand I guess humans from industrial nations have enough body fats to survive like 5 days without food www

Concluding I'd say maybe my acting a bit anorexic, but my thinking actually is not. Just wannabe skinnier (who doesn't seriously...)

Oh and about counting calories: I don't know why cool people all act like it's such a pretentious, unnecessary things to do and that they are to cool to do that?
'oh yeah, I have never counted calories. I just can't check what's in this or this product all the time... you know? It's just not my style' FUU act-superior people.

I don't really think frantic calories counting is adequate, but come on, it's a pretty basic principle. Less in than out. And how would you know if you really have a smaller intake than outtake (ww) if not checking it?
I also don't count every single calorie but I do check the approximate amount of nutritions in the products I eat (at times) to have a vague idea of what I'm doing.

You know what I'm thinking of? Making a list where I count how many times:
  • the door opens and close
  • people come
  • people leave
  • how loud they are.

I'm talking about them john's visiting the prossies next door, because they are extremely loud - I mean when entering or leaving or knocking or ringing, like they seem to intentionally slam the door as hard as they can, some ring like mad (in the manner of pressing the door bell in really short intervals until the door is opened). Even the prossies themselves have no shame and also yank the door open with full power, so that everyone knows that yet another one arrive.
I'm really curious about what's actually going on over there... but I will likely never know....

Ok, now I prepare to leave...

I think the mugs from Starbucks are kind of pretty and cute...

Studying surely sucks. I just spent like 3h doing homework, because I was watching 黒子のバスケ at the same time. It's sure is ikemen spam. My favs are Aomine, Kagami, Kise and Kagami's American friend w. I hate the gay glasses guy of Aomine, the purple guy with ridiculous name and the red-haired meanie, although I haven't seen him in action yet. I call him the Zorin Blitz ww.

I finally decided to invest in a scale... It is necessary to track progress (or regress w). My principle is to spend money on household stuff while still being supported by parents www. By this you need to spend less own money when being independent some time in the future www.
But I won't buy a too high-tech scale, because science will create much cooler scales in the future, so it's not worth it (I know, the fuck am I thinking? ww)

Chu, Ailing

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