Thursday, 10 April 2014

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Yet another day. Hearing what kind of work expects me for chemistry makes me really doubt and hesitate.
I think I'm simply not made for doing work with my hands, even if it's not hard construction kind of work, but filigree lab work or doing surgeries or stitching... I can't be bothered to utilize my hands like this, it's not my style...

These days I'm spending classes draining the battery of my phone... We all got addicted to playing 2048!! Thanks to Kim who introduced the game to one after the other ww.
I like those simple games that require a bit of thinking, so my favourite games are Triple Town, Unblock Me and maybe 2048 from now on! But my highscore very low la, like 8000-. Anyway I play til my phone die and everyone else also kill their phones. Lectures are just too boring...

Other games I like are those wannabe detective ones which are a tad scary and also those where you have to find stuffs w, challenging but not unnerving.

On another note, I get a parcel from the U.S. and international tracking (at least with USPS) has improved or how?
Normally you can only track within the origin country and after depart to destination country it will just disappear from the radar. But this parcel they even tell me how it passed customs and is now transported to delivery place!! Oh future thou art but wonderful...

Lastly a note regarding friend-zones from the other day.
I don't remember if I ever blogged about this so sorry if I'm repeating myself.

I think for a girl to be friend-zoned it is not that bad, because girls can really not coincidentally be around to help you carry grocery shopping or help set up furniture or give you a ride to work or such nonsense.
But girls can do all kind of favours for a guy without it appearing unnatural. That is, because traditionally women serve man more than the other way round (let's not get into gender roles an gender equality here). So women are not humiliating themselves, while I guess men do. And that is why friend-zoned dudes are so popular, because it is very unusual or ridiculous and that's what entertaining.
And that's also why there are no real memes or anything about friend-zoned girls!!!

And that is why I think

There should be a dude-zone for girls. I think I'd be a kind of girl that gets dude-zoned easily!
So what is a dude-zone?
It is a sphere where a guy sees all his pals and best friends with whom he hangs out to play God of War, COD, Need for Speed, Battlefield or Worms (lok ok who play worms?).
You're in the zone, you get to join into all the dude activities like a guy gets to join into girl activities if they're friend-zoned.
Watching porn or The Expendables, whatever lah I'm no specialist about things that guys doo (according to 9gag wanking off all the time); you are seen as a leggit dude - boobs balls and all.

I think I'm easy to dude-zone because I enjoy many dude-activities and hate many things girls like. I don't really play video games or any games though, but that's because I simple don't like to utilize my hands (see paragraph 1). At least I enjoy watching other people play Haha.

Okay I just finish my homework although I didn't finish it (no sense, I know). Saddened because I like the subject actually, but most go sleep liao.

Chu, Ailing

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