Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Too goddamn tired to blog!
Today was super long day, although I could sleep til nearly 9... but then I stay at school til past 5. After that a girl from class and I drag each other to Mc.
I ate so friggin much probably enough for 3 days !!!!

Because of my situation right now the last few days I had a total of maybe 600 calories intake!!! Like one package of maoam, one sandwich and a pretzel stick! And like a glass of sprite!!
Today was humongous burger, sprite and fries!! I should have thought about my diet before agreeing to go to Mc, but my mouth quicker than my brain >.<
Anyway I need to ganbare through this now that I found out I can very well survive with only one small meal per day!!

Anyway I'm so tired I just want to go to bed and sleep... But I still have to study a bit and print out stuffs for school... I don't know what's it about my personality, but I absolutely hate to print stuff for school, or look up things for school, etc...

At least today is rainy day... But it didn't rain when I looked outside. I wish it would rain exactly like in 黒子のバスケ ep 12 (the coach girl and the glasses player have some chemistry going on right? why don't they just confess lah /hiaZz haha). The rain in there is especially beautiful. Somewhat sad and strong, but then again very soft... (Yes, I'm rain-obsessed).
At least it's windy or stormy, so it lifts up my mood a bit. (eh? because it's kinda cold I get goosebumps from watching 黒子のバスケ ww)

A and I today chat all day about Singapore! She was at work, I hope everything goes well and we can both go!!

Ok, that's all for today. I'm honestly forcing myself to blog daily, even if it only has a therapeutic effect... (if anything)

Chu, Ailing

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