Monday, 7 April 2014

In the Zone.

200% - Akdong Musician
I feel very inspired reading Xiaxue's super old blog posts.
So funny, honest, weird and dedicated... She used to blog almost every day!!

Also I like how carefree she was, had only typical teenager problems with guys, ex-boyfriends, their new girlfriends, etc! I feel like my thoughts make me age too much!!
I should dump all that shit and pretend like I don't have a brain!!

I also want to blog more often, if not daily. Today I want to blog about friend-zone, but now I study first!!
Unfortunately I also don't play as often as she did, so no dramatic things to tell Haha

Today is really hot day for April, some people dress like August already! When driving to school an old, disgusting man entered the bus who obviously had obsessional neurosis!
He touched some part above the door of bus, put his yukky cap on top of every ticket-punch-machine and had to touch every of those hanging things people use to hold on to while driving. He even double touch some in case he has missed it.
A woman moved away from the seat he put his back on, so he had to go back and put his bag near other people ?!

There are so many absurd psychic diseases out there, I don't know which is the dumbest.
Maybe borderline syndrome people la! If my kid would cut itself I'd bitch slap it until it cut out of the crap,
'You think nobody love you is it? I work full time to give you food and afford your school I dunch love you is it? You don't love yourself, expect whom to love you ha?'

Anyway ever since my roommate has this friendship thing going on with this guy, hereby the Fred, I have been thinking about

Everyone pities friend-zoned guys and whenever one of them speaks up to their crush they are celebrated as heroes.

But not all of them deserve it!!

I think there are two kind of friend-zoned dudes:

1 The Unofficial

He loves a girl dearly but she doesn't give a fuck about his feelings and only abuses him whenever she wants to.
  • free dinner
  • free concert tickets
  • free homework
  • free sex
  • free everything

At the same time she raises his hopes whenever she contacts him. This guy is only unofficially friend-zoned.
While both parties likely know that they will never date, she won't clearly rebuff him. So the head-over-heals-in-love guy still fantasizes about chances.

2 The Official

This guy is just an idiot. As the name suggests, this guy knows it, yet he continues to
  • offer her rides
  • invites her to dinner
  • invites her to concerts
  • etc.

Things that this guy hears is oh, you are so nice, you should start to ask X out, I think she likes you, etc.
Or some other retarded stuff happen like you get to hang out with her only to help prepare a party to which she expects her crush and can't stop raving about him.* What the fuck?
Cannot be more unambiguously, right?

What I mean is that generally every kind of friend-zoned guy is pitied by society, but not all deserve it!!
The officially friend-zoned guy is just a lunatic derp who has no pride!!

When a girl says NO you should just move on, but not let her use you and then complain about it on the internet ok? At least if you have a bit of self-esteem.
I know you should fight for a girl, but the friend-zone is not feared for nothing. Once a girl put you into it chances that you ever emerge as a potential boyfriend are close to -200% !!
Especially if you start to do all kind of favours for her you turn to a sort of loser servant in her eyes. Which girls want to date a loser?! A boot-licking pathetic idiot is completely worthless!!
For your own sake just move on!

Well, Fred belongs to type 2 and I honestly don't see any reasons for him or his fellow sufferer continue with their hopeless advances.
It must be that love makes blind... I'd send him flying long time liao, because I can't stand pathetic behaviour, but my roommate (amongst other things) finds him useful (which he is)...
And all I can think is IT'S YOUR OWN FRIGGIN' FAULT!!

If he finds out will he be hurt? Probably. Will he maybe despise her? Probably.
Are those feelings justified? Well, no?!

Who made himself a ridiculous slave? It's that he and the officially friend-zoned offer their services and then the girls start to make use of that convenience. Expects nothing in return - gets nothing in return Cannot blame the girls right? You have been warned, you decided to stay... And no fucks were given.

Even unofficially friend-zoned ones should be bright enough to recognize a defeat. All the more because they are being shamelessly exploited.

Ah, that's all. Personally I don't like the idea of friend-zoned persons. I would turn that person down and never ask to meet again. I also don't understand how anyone can be so heartless and inconsiderate to continue to see that person, although they know that person is desperate and probably harbours illusions of a date all the time. Plus there's my disgust for their lacking self-respect!

Anyway, I said Fred left that day without saying goodbye, which he usually does (must be nice to crush's friend right?), so I think he/ they got it. I wonder if/ when he will visit again, or if he doesn't have the guts... I wouldn't give two flying fucks if I never see him again.

Edit: In fact my frn tell me how she told him that she googled her ex and Fred said he was disappointed.
My friend totally don't understand what he mean, he then explain(!) since the two of them are chatting(!) it was disappointing that she google her ex/ thinks about him !!!

You see what I mean? So so disgustingly pathetic and bananas! And my friend even repeatedly say she don't want boyfriend, dream of tall(!), ikemen(!), Japanese(!) guy !! (hint: Fred is neither!!)

Chu, Ailing

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