Thursday, 24 April 2014


  • tee & shorts - adidas by Stella McCartney
  • bottle - H&M Go Gold Halfmoon Magic - Le Specs
    bat - New York Mets Classic Redford - Gola Duramo 3 - adidas

    yoga mat, tights - adidas tee - adidas Originals

    tee - adidas Kids (similar) tights - adidas Originals bongo - WeSC X Mademoiselle Yulia

    Err yeah... I swear I irl not that fat la!! www (walaoh confirm can see my collar bones onot? w)
    But my thighs are damn fat... I still have to think about whether I register at the gym or not~ Waste of money HiAaZz...

    The pictures are blur because my camera doesn't focus a white wall... not always... some pictures are sharp... I also don't know how to get that, but hey I managed to take the pictures without a tripod!!! (Secret: my legs got no shave www)
    J and I literally went hiking through a forest and alongside country roads on the day we bought these~ Spent 200bucks!!

    Today was splurge day with ice cream. Sitting in school all day long is soo frustrating and nerve-wrecking and it was such a warm day; I just had to buy ice cream and eat it!!!
    Went a bit overkill and now I feel bad... #uncool

    Sooner or later I will make it (the sooner the better tho), at least this Saturday got trial appointment.
    Ok I end this post already. It was a super long day and I'm tired and lazy ww

    Chu, Ailing

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