Wednesday, 23 April 2014

cooking when J was here

A quickie from my phone.
The other day we suddenly were invited to dinner by Asian acquaintances. Surprising, because my parents don't play with anyone Asian actually.
At first I was very unwilling to go because I didn't bring any nice clothes nor anything cool to put on with me...

And when we arrived turns out they had a dinner party and there were other guests!

I don't like to mingle with other Asians (prejudices!). Well other unpleasant surprise: They had a chihuahua. I don't hv any prejudices against chihuahua, bt against Asians who own pets www It had a very weird name, sounded like 신라! Not Shilla or Sheila ww

Anyways one of the girls told my bro my mother and I looked like Japanese or Korean, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
But actually my bro also looks kind of Korean~
And she asked him if I was very spoiled because I asked my mother about lots of unknown food ww I'm a difficult eater~

But the girl also wasn't Miss Perfect, kept correcting people like grammar nazi~

So much abt the past events.


I know if anything it's (merely) an uber annoying thing but is it really hate-worthy?
Like it's actually only a small matter which happens due to some people's lack of thoughtfulness (or brains), so it is hard to blame them~

I once came up with a theory that people's misconduct can be divided into 2 categories:

  • those that are done on purpose: arrogance, deception, avarice, deviousness, etc
  • those that can't help it: choleric types, those who are always late, always run out of money, embarrass everyone with their weird behaviour, etc

I believed that one couldn't really be angry with the 2nd type of persons because they don't intend to harm anyone and often don't know how to help themselves...

But now I'm not sure... I think lacking sensitivity is especially complicated, because tact you can't even learn~ You either feel it or not.

Nevertheless I strongly dislike those kind of people because #&j)";$-@¢ they simple are such barbarians!!! Arghh~
They can't or don't think!!
I swear I will never marry even the most handsome or richest guy if he has no tact! At least I will try to teach him!! I cannot accept to be related with someone who is too dumb to use his brain a bit!!
Can you please put yourself in other's shoes? If you say that/ do that how will other people feel? or
Can you not think about other persons?
Honestly is it so hard?

E.g. It's dinner time. You just prepared the meals and are about to eat. The door bell rings and someone wanted to drop by for some random business. One invites them in and they stay at your place for a long time (long enough for the remaining persons to wait and for the food to get cold).*

In this story though it all being no biggie, 3 tactless things happen:

  • deciding to drop by other's place in the evening hours/ during dinner time
  • staying for a long time although you know the others were going to have dinner
  • letting the guest stay for such a long time although you know the 3rd party is waiting for you to eat together and that the food is going to become cold
*Should this scenario resemble an actual occurrence then that's only due to my lack of imagination ty

As for me, honestly I would never forget or unthink such basic thoughts over the thrill of a visitor - come what may come, like it doesn't seem to be such a hard thing to do, right? If you had tact to begin with~
At least you say, 'Sorry this is taking a while, please go on eating. I'll be there in a minute'
If not then... If not then still no worries if such things happen very rarely. If happen often... May God be merciful unto thee~

I am normally a most tolerant person - like really, but I guess as for some things (which might not even be that evil) I just can't stand~
Stupidity, tactlessness, cowardice....

I try to take pics of my adidas haul and share with you later. Now that I got my cam back I want to share more visual stuff...

Btw I am travelling at night time once again, and it must be annoying to read incomprehensible stuff abt it, but one more time:
NOTHING more comforting than sitting in a warm and cosy spot travelling through the darkness with good music, and by that I mean Fly To The Sky - Condition Of My Heart!!! (´▽`)

Also whenever I am w my family I cannot go on with my one meal diet~ And in order for me to finally make it I might really go to the gym again~
Only that it's such a waste of money and I don't intend to stay fit for a longer time www Just want to burn some extra calories until I reach my ugw (ultimate goal weight w)
OR I do Pilates (I have found a place) which is 12x more expensive, but the membership is not so long.... ah idk~

I kind of want to do a Jonghoon/ FT Island post next? Who's interested? \(^o^)/

Ok I end this post here. Don't feel like going on.

Chu, Ailing

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