Thursday, 8 May 2014

Urgh I'm going crazy.
It's bed time then it's really not and I could stay awake for 3 more hours and still be able to go to school.
Then I want to check out dresses, but then really not, because I wouldn't buy one, because I have one.
Then I want to do the maths homework since forever, but I don't because I don't get it and wikipedia is a bitch.

So what do I fucking do now? /rage

This about sums up my distress at this very moment. FU
I go drink sth now and then see~

I think I will go right to the gym tomorrow after school, even if it will destroy my legs... I got certain reason to go ww
Then Friday can not go. But Saturday maybe~

Ok I really hope that it won't destroy my legs too much. So I can do my regular programme on Saturday. If not then I skip too often and have to start anew~

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