Friday, 30 May 2014


You see a chair as it is. But when you burn the chair, you suddenly realize that the chair in your head did not burn or disappear.
Yoko Ono
I AM SO LAZY SO LAZY wtf is up with me~ I can't just... can't be a decent productive person AT ALL.

Anyway, here's a little something I'm kind of into. Let's make this kind of whimsical.


I mostly develop some somewhere rooted sentimental feels for things that I suddenly have an obsession for.
The very unsettling, but necessary question is: DO I GENUINELY LIKE THOSE THINGS? or is it some silly impetuous craze... (it is anyway) which I seek to justify like so:

''Do you guys feel this cold, mysterious light that those lamps emit? Since I love antagonisms I can't resist this special ambiguous imagery that comes from those shining words. So cold, yet light...
Another thing is this clean, polished look vs the messy cables or metal rack, that surround the lettering. Oh, if there's one perfect contradiction then it's tidy mess!!!
I love the colourful, Las Vegas versions, too. When I look at those I see warm summer nights, hanging out with gorgeous people just enjoying life to the fullest and also a kind of sultry-ness. Besides, I love lights in the dark.''

Well, Italian brand Seletti came up with those brilliant letters and symbols for you to set up your own message at home.
Works like a modular assembly system and let's you bring forward your inner poet.
Or in the words of Siletti

write with light
your artistic touch
revealed in neon.
light up a word, a phrase
a poem transforming it into
a living and eternal affirmation.
the new pulse of
'neon art' start here.
start thinking.

What would you write onto your walls?
I'm in dear need of a bedside lamp since I moved, but screw that I got something better!
I'd like to have something that merely plays with the sassy attitude of those lamps and at the same time hints at anything to do with 'bed' or 'sleep' while maintaining a general, neutral message.
So my ideas are


Yes, that's it already. Tbh I already bought 'xxx' cuz it was on sale, so I'm not very motivated to think about something cool anymore.
Anyway, finally a hopefully somewhat more useful bedside lamp than my salt lamp, oh how many reading times have you robbed me off? Everytime I wanted to skip through some magazines or read a book before sleeping I was redirected to my smartphone or laptop since I don't have a bright light source at the moment.
Oh and isn't it an absolutely legit upgrade of your regular fairy lights, which are just a tad too mainstream and romantic for me~ This neutral, beauty-defying aesthetics, I'm smitten!

Chu, Ailing

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