Tuesday, 3 June 2014

To Love and to be Loved in return

눈,코,입 - 태양

Being kind of upset with me and frustrated with everything else I'm really unmotivated to do anything at all. So fyeah here I am, choosing studying as the thing I don't wanna do at aller over blogging.
I wish (or don't) that I had used the title quote for a nicer post (like my wedding announcement) but no, I'm bashing about love instead.
While watching Spider-Man (months ago - or so it seems) at some random love scene I started to wonder if maybe I will never know what love is (over-dramatizing things, I mean loving the other sex). Like I will never know this feeling of someone meaning so much to me, that bringing me the greatest happiness means potentially experiencing the most painful sadness as well. That I can never care for someone so much, be glad to see someone so much, be afraid of losing someone so much and generally all those ultimata of feelings.

But then I remembered that others will never know what it's like to love themselves this much, so I got that going for me, which is nice. There's no such satisfying a feeling as loving oneself! This extreme lavish complacency is hard to top.
Loving only yourself grants you so much time to pamper yourself, take care of your body and mind. You can learn, broaden your horizon, set goals for your future, anything that beautifies your life and soul. And your body, too of course! You can take baths whenever and as long as you like and then wear masks, eat what and when you like and just be free! How ineffable precious!! (You can also walk around in underwear!!!!)

Personally I noticed the last couple of weeks/ months how much I appreciate to have a moment (or two) to call my own and just take a break from everything (and nothing actually~). That's why I don't mind when my roommate has to leave or leaves anyhow to play with others. I think I'm just not the social kind of person. No, not at all.

So back to the topic: I don't give two flying fucks - sadly - at least for some. I have better things to do (watching baby Dash fake-laughing? anyone?) or (computer-) window shopping. Or blogging... not really apparently.

Btw, the gummi bear couple, are called honey bears and are even more delicious than your normal gummi bears (which are among the things I love most about Germany). We bought them as I visited A. and her bf - a perfect (teen/tween) couple in my (limited, cuz inexperienced) view - and almost bought up this candy shop.

And now to the interesting part: I can proudly declare that I have dared to call the guardians of the law at least once in my life! (the other day) And it happened like so:

The guy from above was insanely loud! He or his pals came ringing at our door at around 10pm to either warn us of the party of his life going on or to invite us over. We didn't open.
At 12 I decided to watch Sherlock to fall asleep... only to awake at 1.30pm from the noise from above. Their singing along to 'Hit Me, Baby, One More Time' or 'Breaking free' (+ yelling, laughing and stomping) was actually louder than the movie!
Irritated I messaged my roommate who stayed awake to study, in vain as she could still hear the whole noise with all the toilet paper she had stuffed inside her ears.

After concluding that even though it must be his birthday (we sincerely hoped it was) and that it was too much and all goodwill aside, I gathered all my courage and dialled 911 ('hellooo? I wanted to ask what I should do if my neighbours are... err noise annoyance...'). That was at 2.30am or so. I was told a patrol would drop by within the next 30 min.
At 3.15 suddenly the music went off and it was dead silent! For a whole 15min we were guessing around about whether the police directly went to our party beast when at 3.30am the music started anew (among other's I got to enjoy hardcore techno with sirens!!) and we were sitting there on our beds dumbstruck, 'Does that actually mean we have to call the police again?' At this very moment (3.30am) our doorbell rang and it was the police officers telling us they crept throughout the house but weren't able to make out any noise from no one. (Oh very smart, they must have seen the police car and still be sober enough to turn off the music, only that 15min after nothing happened they turned it on again). We showed them the noise level inside our apartment and they went off the find them culprits again.
This time it stayed silent and I have a story to tell my grandchildren!!

Is this enough yadda? Indeed.
Chu, Ailing

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