Wednesday, 4 June 2014

No Sidekick Life

Night and Day - 휘성

Is there anything about my life that I currently don't despise? /points at layout But that's not the point. The last couple of days I have found myself involuntarily undergoing an eye-opening cold turkey: My mother has again managed to break my phone (this makes the ratio of the amount of phones I owned to the phones my mother broke 2:2). Well it is still very usable, except for the unattractive crack on the upper right corner.
Distressed I brought my phone to be repaired, only to learn that I could as well by a new one with the costs.

Nevertheless the days without my 2nd half proved to be so enlightening and medicative in a way. I have heard from people who got their phones stolen how absolutely hamstrung they felt and that it was impossible to live like a monk in the dark age. Well, 1 or 2 stories I can tell that turned out more or less disastrous without my little sidekick (missing my dinner date, but luckily meeting at the right restaurant 1,5h(!) after each other or generally being unable to check my ever changing timetable and schedule like I'm used to), but all in all it was just so liberating!!

Not constantly hanging on the phone, checking pinterest, instagram, twitter, pinterest,... or playing some (then turning out to be absolutely dumb) games (yes, 2048) before finally going to sleep or while waiting for anything and everything sounds daunting while you still do it, but is perfectly okay (that's understated it's heaven!! ww) once you eventually deny. I'm glad for my cold turkey and now vow reform!
Not that I totally do check for SNS updates now that I have it back. But I will have it under control! No brainwash, no more. And hopefully to boosted productivity!

With snacks and pictures instead of studying!
Chu, Ailing

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